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Inhlokomo Yesizwe SikaMthwakazi Mtshazo - Mtshabezi Irrigation Scheme Saga

by IYS information desk
10 Oct 2021 at 16:18hrs | Views

The IYS team led by the versatile and vibrant Ndodana Moyo who is also the Secretary For Mobilisation and Recruitment has set the ball rolling and left a ray of hope in the outstanding dispute between the local residents and foreigners from Mashonaland who have grabbed all menial jobs such as clearing the land and other menial jobs that can be done by locals.  Such jobs and opportunities should benefit local residents in respect of Chapter 14 which is enshrined in the national constitution which clearly defines the importance of a devolved power. There is an urgent  need for the administration to respect its own statutes and provisions. It is on the backdrop of such a breach that made Inhlokomo embark on a fact-finding mission to this village in Gwanda.

The courageous and selfless team made personal sacrifices to reach this community what with state agents and Zanu pf informers who seem ready to defend such bad practices.  IYS leaders met a few villagers who are part of this community that is affected. Hats off to those villagers who spoke out on behalf their fellow neighbours who are equally aggrieved.  Such is the fear of the state and Zanu pf that  people are afraid to confront private companies with bad employment practices. These companies discriminate against local working-age population. This fear seems to have roots in the on-going genocidal Gukurahundi system. This system had perpetuated marginalisation, discrimination and forced emigration as people of Matabeleland and Midlands watch helplessly while land, jobs and education opportunities in their local areas are given to the foreigners from other wealthier and more resourced regions. People are crying foul accusing authorities for excluding them in any decision-making process. As if the interviews from the villagers were not evidence enough to the untold suffering of the locals, the IYS crew tried in vain to be allowed to gain entry and get the other side of the story from the authorities involved. They were refused entry but the joint IYS and villagers team will not stop until they get the answers to their questions and the situation is resolved. This situation can only be resolved by making sure locals benefit from jobs created by this project and using the irrigation as members of the community.

The struggle will not be deterred by anything these cowards are doing. Nothing will stop IYS from helping local communities fight for what is rightfully theirs. No stone will be left unturned until the record is set up straight and we get to the bottom of this issue.

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IYS information desk

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