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Zapu Europe get together party

by Simie Nkala
06 Jun 2022 at 08:05hrs | Views
Following on the recent successful ZAPU 60th birthday anniversary which was overwhelmingly attended on the 16th April in Leicester, ZAPU is back with another party. Those in attendance felt that the time allocated for the celebrations was too short, it didn't allow them enough time to network and catch-up on informal issues. They demanded that ZAPU organises a party whereby the time would be dedicated on entertainment, networking and feasting.

On the 9th July British summer time, all roads lead to Leicester again for a planned ZAPU get together, where there would be loads of entertainment and food. "This is an opportunity for our members and non-members to meet again, celebrate, party and eat together" said Mr Leo Ndlovu, the ZAPU Europe Provincial Chairperson. "In the past few years, we were not able to meet due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this is the first summer on which the government has relaxed the regulations and we intend to take full advantage of that", continued an excited Mr Ndlovu.

Mr Ndlovu reported that the committee organising the event is fully exercised with the task at hand and that the committee has reported excellent progress. When asked whether the event is restricted to ZAPU members only, Mr Ndlovu said that the event is open to everybody and that invites have been extended to various organisations and individuals. "ZAPU is a nation-builder and extremely accommodative, our opponents are not our enemies, we want to lead the way when it comes to inclusive politics in the country, all are invited", Mr Ndlovu explained.

According to one of the organisers of the event, there would be stalls as well and invited those with businesses, projects, services or whatever trade, to buy the stalls now to avoid disappointments. It is indeed time to party, meet and greet. A time to come together and share a moment of laughter, thus everyone is invited and you can invite someone else and bring them to the event, continued one of the organisers that i spoke to.

For more information and to secure stalls people are advised to call M Dube on 07447029662 or J Gumede on 07507308819.

ZAPU Europe is hereby extending a hand of invitation to all. All roads lead to Leicester this summer. See you there.

Source - Simie Nkala