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Condolence message on death of Insimbi Zezhwane members

by Nhlanhla Moses Ncube
07 Aug 2023 at 19:50hrs | Views
The entire Freedom Alliance family is deeply sorry and saddened by the untimely passing on of Elvis 'Ma Eli' Mathe and Thembinkosi 'Maviri' Mpofu who were members of the Insimbi ZeZhwane Music Group. The now deceased succumbed to the injuries they sustained in a brutal motor car accident which occurred near Fatima Mission along the Bulawayo-Victoria Falls Road on the 5th of August, 2023. The cause of the accident is said to have been a burst-tyre which forced the driver to lose control with the car resultantly smashing on to a tree.

Our humble prayers are with the other members who are severely injured and fighting for their lives in hospital. They include 'Brema,' 'High Tower' , 'Putsununu', 'Nana', 'Johmaster,' 'Berbeto' and 'Bhusumani'. Silibeka emthandazweni bafowethu! We need you emphakathini wakithi.

Insimbi ZeZhwane are a very talented group of excellent singers and dancers who are a household name particularly in Matabeleland, with a whooping two PPC ZIMA Awards for being best artists in the Tshibilika genre. Their song, Rush Hour, has inscribed an indelible mark that will forever remain in our hearts.

Ma Eli and Maviri will be terribly missed, not only by the Freedom Alliance family, but also by the whole of Matabeleland and Zimbabwe.

We mournfully join the band and the families in the grieving ordeal caused by this gruesome and untimely loss of these youthful but great heroes of our time. At the same time, we also wish speedy recovery for the injured Insimbi ZeZhwane. We appreciate both the deceased and the rest of the surviving band members for remaining steadfast in entertaining and educating the Matabeleland community and Zimbabwe at large. As a nation that is hopeless and broken due to prolonged marginalisation, poverty and systematic discrimination, the vocals and lyrics by Insimbi ZeZhwane have always provided us with the essential psychological therapy that has become the only fossil fuel giving us hope to live.

May we humbly extend our condolences to the entire arts industry, the people of Tsholotsho and the entire Matabeleland region, whose population thrives on the music brand by Insimbi ZeZhwane and others. We also mourn with all those who are linked to Insimbi ZeZhwane in one way or the other, both in South Africa, Zimbabwe and even beyond.

The arts legends, Elvis and Thembinkosi, were an inspiration to all of us, hence the further deepened and piercing feeling of loss and deprivation caused by their sad departure.

Shakespeare is on point when he says ‘We are such stuff as dreams are made on'.
Inescapably, Ma Eli and Maviri , have left us with the indispensable duty to defend and preserve the variety of Matabeleland music genres and culture that are threatened with imminent extinction due to the schemes of certain retrogressive forces that are against Matabeleland. These forces of darkness tirelessly work to ensure that musicians from Matabeleland never succeed in the industry just like in all other sectors of life in Zimbabwe. The dedication and determination by the deceased, are the dutiful challenge on our part, which we cannot ignore. We have no option but to stand up save our culture and identity which the two iconic heroes stood for.

As the Freedom Alliance, we unequivocally call on the failed ZANU PF government to take the poor state of the roads in Matabeleland seriously. Something has to be done. Not tomorrow but now! Who should die so that this government will listen and do the right thing?

As consolation, we take comfort in the thought that the immortal duo of Elvis and Thembinkosi remain our exemplary and gallant heroes that are an inspiration to us all. Accordingly, we declare them national heroes while firmly standing hand in glove with their families, fellow band members, fans, relatives, friends and all the people of Tsholotsho and Matabeleland.

May Their Souls Rest In Peace!

By Nhlanhla Moses Ncube (Secretary General, Freedom Alliance)
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Source - Nhlanhla Moses Ncube