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Vaaz not a Replica of MDC VAA nor a Mwonzora Baby: Veteran Activists Association Zimbabwe (VAAZ)

by Mandava Blessing VAAZ Spokesperson
23 May 2024 at 23:11hrs | Views
We've seen unscrupulous career politicians attempting to mislead the nation into believing the Veteran Activists for Democracy kowtow to Mwonzora. NADA, we all hate him and his entourage with a passion for donating the democratic struggle to ZANU PF on a silver platter.

We're here to demystify the MDC VAA myth so as not to confuse the Nation and also not to mix grain and chaff as some fly-by-night career politicians are clamouring to harvest where they didn't sow pretending to be the ones who rehabilitated political victims' graves, built homes for survivors of murdered activists, provided food hampers for victims, among other philanthropic acts aimed at Victims of State Sponsored Violence. For the record, those who were behind all this are now running The Veteran Activists Association Zimbabwe (VAAZ) after the "Real" MDC was highjacked by ZANU proxies, lackeys and friendlies.

We would like to make it categorically clear that The Veteran Activists Association Zimbabwe is neither an affiliate or Associate of the MDC nor a Mwonzora baby.

The MDC VAA died when Mwonzora and Cup (Komichi) frantically tried to rope in the Veteran Activists Association through Sox Chikowero, Trainer Ruzvidzos, Rod Ruzvidzo and a few others to fight The People's Chosen leader. WE ALL OBJECTED AND STOOD WITH THE PEOPLE'S CHOICE Advocate Nelson Chamisa. Having failed to highjack the Veterans Movement, Sox and a few formed their own Splinter Briefcase Organisation while 95% of the Veterans moved on with the then Chairperson, the late but Great, Victor Zunza, in safeguarding the founding values of the Poor People's Struggle, Institutional memory and advocating for the welfare of political victims dead or alive.

As the then National Executive of MDC VAA, we made many Press Statements castigating Mwonzora at the time of his "Nyathi madness moments". I vividly remember because I was the MDC VAA Spokesperson then. The Majority of the then MDC VAA members were up in arms against Mwonzora for betraying the People's struggle. Therefore, it is folly for one to lie that The Veteran Activists support the leadership of Mwonzora. We cannot support a person who decimated the people's hope, donated the people's struggle for thirty pieces of silver, destroyed every single gain we had made as a Democracy Movement, obliterated what our colleagues in the struggle were murdered for and attempted to extinguish the flame of Democracy.

The then MDC VAA Chairperson, the late fearless Veteran Victor Zunza, and the majority of the Veteran Activists rejected Mwonzora, Komichi, Sox and the small clique associated with them leading to them forming a Splinter Grouping.

Quite frankly they have no future in the struggle for democracy and should feel free to be paraded as fully-fledged ZANU PF members now; for we now know what they really are and what they stand for.

Noteworthy, VAAZ is now led by Dr Magalela Mafa Sibanda who took over after the sad and untimely passing on of Hero Champion Victor Zunza. Dr Mafa is leading a team of battle-hardened Democracy Activists whose ideological clarity is unquestionable, and quest for change is unshaken and unbreakable. They have been instrumental in sponsoring philanthropic projects since the days of old.

As Veteran Activists, we are focused on finishing the People's Struggle, safeguarding both the founding values of the People's Struggle and the institutional memory of the Struggle For Democracy.

The nation must not be misled by "Toll Gate" career politicians who used to operate "Toll gates" at the Harvest House fleecing money from politicians. Theirs is a mission to derail the struggle and feed their bellies not to serve and save the people. They're delusional and demented.

In conclusion, as Veteran Activists we stand where we stood when we stood where we stand; we do not vacillate. We remain vigilant and resilient every time and still maintain that Mwonzora is rogue, a sellout, a ZANU PF friendly, and anyone of like mind is Anti-People's Struggle.


Source - Mandava Blessing VAAZ Spokesperson