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Dabengwa speaks on Friends of ZAPU Trust

by Dr. D. Dabengwa
11 Mar 2013 at 11:18hrs | Views

On 11th February 2013 the President of ZAPU Dr Dumiso Dabengwa was personally furnished by Mr. Lazarus Ray Ncube with a copy of the notarial deed of trust on the formation of an outfit called "Friends of ZAPU".

Following Dr Dabengwa's inquiry on what they as "Friends of ZAPU" expected from the Party, Mr Ncube was going to get back with a letter explaining that position. However, instead, he came back on 26th February 2013 with a note dated 20th February 2013 announcing the formation of Friends of ZAPU Trust.

The said Trust deals with objectives which are already covered by the Zpra Veterans Trust, the Mafela Trust and the Party ZAPU.

Its structure starts from its Headquarters down to its Provinces, Districts and Branches. Parallel party machinery purporting to be "friends" of ZAPU goes as far as to imply that members of ZAPU are subsumed in the organization, yet it arrogates itself a broader mandate of "engaging various organizations including political players" as part of its objectives, according to the letter above.

This Trust is a Party in all but name; with structures from national, regional and local levels. Using the name of ZAPU in this manner is not only contemptuous of our history and integrity but a dishonest ride on the revival of the Party after many years of being buried alive in the Unity Accord into which Dr. Joshua Nkomo was forced to lead the party in 1987.

ZAPU is concerned about the circumstances under which the Notarial Deed of Trust was approved by the Deeds Office in spite of the blatant encroachments contained in its objectives.

Any organisation wishing to be a friend of ZAPU would only be considered a friend of ZAPU by way of affiliation (Article 6: 1.3 of the ZAPU Constitution) or by a signed Memorandum of Understanding.

No friends of ZAPU can approach other parties independently of the party and purport to represent its interests.

Spending our time and effort in such a nebulous process would distract our members from building the party.

Source - Zapu