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Round - Free Zimbabwe Global Protest set for Saturday

by Makusha Mugabe
17 Apr 2013 at 00:07hrs | Views
This Saturday Zimbabweans abroad will once again take to the streets, demonstrating at Zimbabwean and South African Embassies all over the world to demand adherence by Zimbabwe to SADC conditions for free and fair elections.

Round 16 of the Free Zimbabwe Global Protest (FZGP) has the theme is "Simuka, Phakama, Stand Up And Be Counted," urging Zimbabwe to no longer leave their fate in the hands of SADC or the African Union.

Said the global chairman of the FZGP movemevent, Den Moyo:

"In life there are three kinds of people; those that make things happen; those that see things happen and those that wonder what happened.

Moyo at a recent FZGP demonstration the Zimbabwean Embassy in Washington DC

"Zimbabwe is your country regardless of where you currently reside. It is your fiduciary responsibility as a good custodian to safeguard the land that God made your birthplace."

He urged Zimnbabweans all over the world to join others at Zimbabwean Embassies worldwide to make the final push in demands for a free, fair and indisputable election.

The events unfolding at home, he said, were pointing to a violent election that would make the 2008 episode look like child's play.

"We have the opportunity to stop the bloodshed by bringing awareness to the world, to SADC and to the African Union on the machinations of Zanu PF to "win" the election at all cost.

"We have to demand in no uncertain terms the implementation of the outstanding GPA reforms that will guarantee the protection of the vote and the voter."

In Zimbabwe Zanu PF and Patrick Chinamasa unashamedly stand before the Press and to barr a UN the assessment team that simply wants to satisfy itself that the conditions for free elections exist in Zimbabwe before they release their money on the election.

Despite the government not having the money for the elections, Chinamasa has been reported to put stringent conditions on the UN team, which the MDC secretary general said took all day to negotiate.

This suggests that Zanu (PF) has a lot to hide in the election.

The MDC has also reported through Felix Magalela Sibanda, MP for Magwegwe, that the Registrar General's office in Bulawayo is frustrating, intimidating and chasing away potential voters who seek to register to vote in the city.

He said thousands of MDC supporters had been been turned away from voter registration centres for no apparent reason, with the Tredgold Building registration reserved for the army, police force and members of Zanu PF bussed from Umguza by Obert Mpofu the Minister of Mines and Mining Development - further evidence of the sunset party's desperation.

Meanwhile the MDC UK chairman, Tonderai Samanyanga, has called on all MDC UK districts to also meet this weekend and finalise their plans for supporting the election in Zimbabwe.

He said, following his meeting with President Morgan Tsvangirai in London two weeks ago, all branches should finalise their plans for fundraising for presentation to districts, and the districts should finalise their co-ordinated plans for presentation to the Provincial Council which will meet the following weekend, on the 27th April, at Cambridge, to co-ordinate the fund-raising activities.

The deputy secretary of the Midlands North District, Audrey Marere, also urged all branches in the Midlands North to support the President's call for maximum effort at fundraising.
"The purpose of the District Council meeting is to co-ordinate all fundraising efforts throughout the summer up and till elections are held. All branches are expected to send at least  four people from their Executive.

Branches will be required to provide details of their branch fundraising ideas and dates of planned events, and the treasurers will form a committee with the district treasurer to ensure transparency and adherence to procedures.

The Midlands North District meeting will be held on 20 April in Nottingham at 1.30pm  at 42 Hunderhill Rd, St Anns, Nottingham NG3 4QA, starting at 1330 hrs.

All other UK districts are also expected to meet this week in council and this will followed by a Provincial Council Meeting to be held on 27th April. Details of the Provincial Council meeting would be forwarded to districts in due course, she said.

Source - Makusha Mugabe