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The Welshman Ncube led MDC on a rebound

by Mhlonitshwa Shephard Dube
05 Nov 2013 at 04:40hrs | Views

The MDC has been receiving multiple resignations from senior leadership at National and Provincial level. It is encapsulated in the party constitution that if any party member wishes to resign from their position or from the party, they may do so. Therefore everyone who resigned from the MDC was just but exercising his/her constitutional right and as the MDC we respect that very much.

The MDC is a mass party which is open for everyone to join and if those who have joined decide to resign they can do so at any time. Nevertheless, we are not concerned about those that are resigning but those that are joining us on daily basis. The media due to its bias towards ZANU PF and MDC-T and its sworn agenda of destroying our image as a party has been focussing on the resignation of irreverent number of people projecting them as pertinent. Yet it is common knowledge that the MDC has entered the party rebuilding phase which is positively received by the majority of Zimbabweans.

Weather the election was rigged or not, as the MDC we do not care, all we care about is the freedom of Zimbabwe from the ZANU PF led government that has seen the country attaining the worst economics figures of all times since the cradle of African civilisation.

We don't care about how good the ZANU PF policies are, what we know is that as early as 1980 ZANU PF had the very same policies but due to its corrupt nature it failed to implement them. Owing to its divisiveness the best it has ever done for itself was operation Gukurahundi, Farm Invasions and Operation Murambatsvina. Therefore as expected and as according to nature ZANU PF will fail again.

As the MDC we understand the frustration of people of Zimbabwe who voted for ZANU PF, it was not out of love but out of hate of the MDC-T which had earlier on projected itself as a people's party, nonetheless could not sustain the public lie. The people could have opted for us but they couldn't because it is a public fact that ZANU PF and MDC-T working hand in hand did a good job in publicizing us as a regional party. However from now on till the next election the MDC will make it a point that we enlighten Zimbabweans on who we really are and what we can really offer.

The MDC remains committed to the struggle of democratization of Zimbabwe. Our President Professor Welshman Ncube is the best presidential candidate to ever contest Zimbabwean elections and we believe as we go to the next poll he will shock and shack the world after defeating whoever he will be contesting against. We will emerge stronger, fitter, faster and ready for state house.

Mhlonitshwa Shephard Dube is the Deputy Secretary for Political Education in the MDC Youth Assembly Bulawayo Province

Source - Mhlonitshwa Shephard Dube