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ZAPU to kick start Its 2014 activities In London

by Christopher Maphosa | ZAPU Europe Chairman
25 Jan 2014 at 21:48hrs | Views
ZAPU will be holding its special and vibrant General Meeting in London on the 1st February 2014, the general meeting will kick start the party's 2014 activities. The thrust for this year 2014 is Mobilising and building of structures. The time is ripe. The spirit and moral is high, ZAPU will reciprocate the people's mood and harness their potentialities to unleash a whirl-wind of party growth.

A number of influential speakers will be in full force. We will be lucky to have our very own Secretary General, Dr Ralph Mguni, whose talk will capture the spirit of the time and interpret the way forward for ZAPU in an electrifying manner, his usual style of delivery. In his speech Dr Ralph Mguni will say that ZAPU is on course to form the next government. He will spell out exactly how ZAPU will achieve its long term goal of governing the country.

ZAPU is lining up enterprising and captivating speakers in the mould and shape of Mr Themba Mthethwa, the visionary leader whose discipline; precision and excellence when it comes to speech delivery are his hallmarks. Mr Mthethwa will take a futuristic approach as his speech will focus on the roadmap to the next national plebiscite in 2018. In his speech he will say that ZAPU is ready for the groundbreaking movement and seismic shift towards the state house and will spell out the necessary steps and strategies to reach the final destination.

Also in attendance will be ZAPU National Council of Elders member, Mr Johnson Mnkandla, the former Zimbabwean magistrate, the pivot and the stalwart of ZAPU, a man with impeccable leadership credentials.

The other keynote speech will come from Mr Graham Williamson who will unpack the principle of devolution of power and how it could help Zimbabwe to achieve full economic development and realisation of full political independence for its citizens.

ZAPU is on the move, the time is right and the mood is perfect, people are ready to take ZAPU to the next level.

ZANU PF has started panicking, what is most intriguing is the utterances by former ZAPU leaders, such as  Jane Ngwenya, Mr Cephas Msipa, Ambrose Mutinhiri, Naison Khutshwekhaya Ndlovu, Tshinga Dube and the arch-defector himself, Mr Robert Mugabe, who have been calling for ZAPU's return to ZANU PF.

Ms Jane Ngwenya defected to ZANU before the Unity Accord of 1987, if my memory serves me well; I met her in 1985/6 at a meeting in Harare which was supposed to be addressed by Mr Maurice Nyagumbo. She came to the meeting as an Under Secretary and that is when I was shocked to learn that she had defected to ZANU. What I noted was her assertion that if ZAPU fails to rejoin ZANU PF that that will entail ZAPU liberation heroes losing out on being conferred national hero statuses. This is twisted thinking only found in ZANU. In ZAPU we do not treat people like that, even if Ms Ngwenya remains a ZANU PF member the government of ZAPU will respect her liberation war contributions, how can we forget her mesmerising radio broadcasts calling for young Zimbabweans to cross over to Lusaka to get their AK47s?

The little said about Mr Cephas Msipa the better, the Party elected him as its Secretary General in 1984 in its Congress which was held at the National Sports Centre in Harare and he shamelessly defected to ZANU before the 1987 Unity Accord abandoning the people when they needed leadership the most. Remember it was the height of the gukurahundi massacres.  He is not qualified to pronounce anything about ZAPU or ZAPU properties, he is fully aware that ZAPU properties which were confiscated by ZANU never benefitted ZAPU and ZIPRA members in and outside ZANU PF.

Mr Ambrose Mutinhiri  the former ZIPRA military Chief of staff who was at Moffatt Street  ZAPU Offices in Harare before he joined the ZNA to become director of army training as Brigadier General. He says he met President Mugabe in a social function and approached him and told him his about his so called problems. Mugabe directed him to Mnangagwa who offered him a job. Mr Mutinhiri is now turning his vitriol on ZAPU, what for? This is a highly trained professional ex-ZIPRA soldier and man who many thought he was principled, but his utterances have exposed him to be an uncouth scoundrel, who sings the loudest for his supper.

ZAPU will liberate the oppressed and the oppressor alike. It is its revolutionary duty, which ZAPU will unflinchingly pursue without fail. ZAPU cannot allow a state of paralysis currently prevailing in the country to continue, where the young, gifted and educated are reduced to nothing without employment and without hope for a better tomorrow. ZAPU will put to an end the suffering of the people of Zimbabwe they are going through.

Event: - ZAPU Europe General Meeting.
Date: - Saturday 1st February, 2014
Time: - 1300hrs to 1700hrs
Venue: - Holy Apostles Church, 47 Cumberland Street, Pimlico, London SW1V 4LY

Source - ZAPU Europe Chairman