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ROHR Zimbabwe strongly condemns the arrests of its activists

28 Jul 2011 at 06:23hrs | Views
Just days ago hooligans got away with stone age like beatings, muggings, theft as well as defilement of the August house while peaceful human rights activists are wantonly arrested ,beaten and detained for harmlessly carrying placards and merely reminding that justice is a right to any persons whether facing allegations or note.

The Police's behavior is both unparalleled and unimaginable in this century. We challenge the Police to move away this unacceptable, despicable and shameful policy of heavy handedness, selective policing and human rights abuse.

We therefore demand the immediate unconditional release of the thirteen ROHR Zimbabwe activists without further delay. Justice, equality and freedoms cannot be taken away or denied on political grounds. Furthermore, the sovereign police force must be there to serve Zimbabwe without fear of favour.

It is regrettable that this country has had an unfortunate heritage of pleasure arrests where the arresting of any opposing figure massages the ego of police commanders. Illegal arrests, detentions, intimidation and torture seem to stand out more like state policy. Human rights activist, lawyers; journalists, political activists and political leaders have been among those who have fallen victim to this Iron Age Headman type of silencing dissent.

Understanding that these wanton arrests causes serious physical and psychological irreparable damage, ROHR Zimbabwe notes with concern that in cases in which the state is accused of carrying unlawful arrests and detentions on members of the public, the victims have stood no chance of restitution even when they are vindicated by the law as always is the case.

We demand a fundamental Policing shift from this medieval macho man style to modern day professional conduct.

ROHR Zimbabwe challenges the inclusive government to guarantee the right to freedoms of speech and after, freedoms of expression and movement and to ensure basic human rights are observed and religiously upheld.

Source - ROHR