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MDC Youth want Misihairabwi-Mushonga to resign

by Brighton Makunike, MDC Media, Information and Publicity Secretary
12 Feb 2015 at 05:44hrs | Views
The MDC Youth Assembly is dismayed and baffled by the Secretary General, Honorable Priscilla Mushonga's erroneous utterances in the media, over and above everything calling the party she purports to lead and represent a ‘junk yard'. This is a very sad and unfortunate development in the party coming at a crucial integration period that demands concentration and focus by the same leadership.

The Youth Assembly would like to quickly point out that a number of young people have been tortured, maimed and some have lost their lives in this struggle for change.  This is the party that all of us have labored so much to build since its inception in 1999 through trials and tribulations but it was endurance and perseverance  that has taken us this far. It is therefore pejorative and provoking for a person occupying a high post as the Secretary General of the party to ceremonially get so excited and in ecstasy, utter such derogative statements and memoirs in public much to the astonishment of the party leadership and followers.

The Assembly posits that the Secretary General's conduct is not only inconsistent to the purposes and objectives of the party but also undermine general principles of leadership. Such behavior demonstrated disrespect for the party leadership and has brought the name of the party into disrepute. Her conduct if not misconduct violets the fundamental diktats of our party constitution that immediately calls to duty the party's Disciplinary Committee..

Intuitive psychology from the Secretary General's statements depicts deep emotional anger and emotions that have rigged normal reasoning and cerebral stability. It is against this background that the Youth Assembly has taken a position that the Secretary General should take a break and attend to her psychological issues, a position which in our view will be much to her advantage.

Lastly the MDC Youth Assembly would like to emphatically state that it will remain vigilant, in the advent of vitriolic attacks from our distractors and counter revolutionary forces and will defend the party with the energy of a hippo. The Assembly however remains committed and guided by the party's 1999 founding core values and principles and will remain guided by the party  leader, President Professor Welshman Ncube  as he takes us through the process of integration currently underway and will endeavor to continue working hard and maintaining the value system of the party as a government in waiting.

Source - MDC National Youth Assembly