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Mugabe trying to drag the rest of Africa down the path of lawlessness

by Makusha Mugabe, Spokesman MDC-UK
29 Jun 2015 at 21:23hrs | Views
them accomplices in his international crimes - means that the international community must take note that President Mugabe's continued riding roughshod on international institutions of peace has potential to spread instability and lawlessness all over Africa.

Internally the Harare regime's continued stealing of elections has been exposed gain with the Hurungwe by-election which is now mired in controversy, with independent analysts like the Zimbabwe Democracy Institute (ZDI) saying the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (|ZEC) is duplicitous and complicit with the ruling Zanu PF in allowing a candidate who was not registered in the constituency to be elected for office.

The MDC-UK and Ireland notes that this clear violation of ZEC's own rules vindicates the party's position to not participate in elections without thorough reforms, including overhauling the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission. But we also note that the boycott alone will not force the regime to change.

To this extent we hope that that the international community will take up our rallying cry for reforms, that the democratic West will go back to the drawing board to find ways of forcing the Harare regime to change while giving the necessary support to the democratic opposition to confront the well-oiled repressive machinery that is Zanu (PF).

Russia and China have continued stifling debate on Zimbabwe at the United Nations despite the regime clearly violating international peace protocols and posing a clear danger to regional peace.

We urge the British Prime Minister, Mr David Cameron, and the leaders of nthe European Union to revisit Zimbabwe in their Parliaments in light of the worsening humanitarian situation where services are collapsing and the vulnerable are being exposed, yet the leaders continue to harvest corrupt dividends.

The aid that is given by the Europeans and the Americans to alleviate poverty is like applying a band-aid on a fracture; and the aid is also abused by ruling party and presented as aid that is coming from the caring Zanu (PF).

The recent stunning revelations by Didymus Mutasa that Zanu PF bigwigs had been stumped by their loss in the 2008 election and were ready to concede defeat before deciding to reverse the loss using violence, represents new material facts which SADC and the African Union should consider.

In our actions as the MDC UK and Ireland we will continue urging the international community to pressure Zimbabwe and we will continue supporting internal activism to demand a environment for free elections and indeed free will.

We will not accept the will of the people being swept away by generals and their operatives as in the 2002, 2008 and 2013 election which we now know were all stolen, thanks to President Thabo Mbeki's the Kampepe Report which was recently made public, and to recent admissions by President Mugabe's own former Minister, Didymus Mutasa who should be given international protection and the support to reveal all that he knows, also about the murders, abductions and violence has been inflicting on the opposition.

The more the regime is exposed, especially internationally, the more emboldened Zimbabwean people will be to confront a state machinery that is armed to the teeth and which does not hesitate to use weapons against civilians.

Robert Mugabe is now trying to get African member signatories of the Rome Statute to repudiate their membership of the International Chriminal Court in order to protect himself - lest he will one day be arrested in one of these countries for his own genocidal atrocities against Ndebele-speaking people in Matebeleland and the killings of opposition supporters.

But the space is closing in for dictators. Paul Kagame's Intelligence chief recently arrested in London is probably singing as we speak; his boss will think twice before visiting UK, and so should Robert Mugabe.

MDC UK and Ireland Provincial Executive, Northhampton, 27/06/16

Caption: (l-r) MDC UK and Ireland secretary Owen Muganda, chairman Tonderai Samanyanga, deputy organising secretary Pepukai Gonese and treasurer Kumbirayi Chikosha at Northampton at the weekend.

Makusha Mugabe, Spokesman

Source - Makusha Mugabe, Spokesman MDC-UK