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Minister Mohadi We Are Tired of Threats of War - Zapu Bulawayo Province

by Mkhululi Zulu
06 May 2016 at 12:07hrs | Views
Member of Zanupf Politburo Kembo Mohadi's threat that he or they will go to war if the national pledge is rejected cannot go unchallenged although really it is one of his most ridiculous speeches from a man of his age and political history. Zimbabweans are no longer afraid of wars on them by the Zanupf ministers or government. They have been living under such threats for decades so this one or its implementation is not new nor is it the last one until the people themselves say enough is enough.  And people were created by God. They will say no to war mongering ministers one day.

But exactly what will this man do? Send the militia to kidnap the BICC Bishop and other church leaders just for pointing out that it is against the constitution to force fellow Zimbabweans to do something against their conscious? Or will he go to the bush, mobilize the peasants force them to kill their chicken, their goats and their cattle to feed him while he is waging a war? That is the only war that he knows. Or  will he deploy policemen in schools, every school nationwide in the morning to see that teachers literally compel children to recite what they do not like, in fact what they hate?  Is he talking of mobilizing army battalions, armoured vehicles and helicopters to attack, but attack who, the entire population just for saying this pledge has religious and political connotations that most us as fellow citizens do not believe in? Or will we hear of charges by the courts where certain members of the community including Zimta leaders will be arrested tortured only to be released without trial? So desperate is the man that he wants to go to war like he did against Ian Smith just for the national pledge? Is it only a national pledge or something else?

War against unarmed, poor and starving opponents must be very sweet indeed. One can just go and start firing no matter how at people who have no arms, who do not even intend to fight back because they just want to live peacefully. It is however very absurd to talk of war against families and their children who are pointing out at what they believe is unconstitutional.

The old man can go to war.  People cannot stop a Minister who fights the defenceless and impoverished. He has nothing to offer, not even a simple debate on a deliberate breech of the constitution except these unwarranted threats of war.  But for how long? Really until when?  How long shall we as a people be subjected to persistent threats of war from our own government ministers?

Source - Mkhululi Zulu