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Zapu grows in Bulawayo High Density Suburbs

by Mkhululi Zulu
10 May 2016 at 13:38hrs | Views
At a meeting held at the Zapu Offices in Bulawayo on Saturday the 7th of May the Provincial Executive Council and the Task Team for Mobilisation in the area led by NEC member Comrade A. Nkala members reported that the Bulawayo public expresses its support for Zapu.

Comrade G. Sikhosana the newly elected National People's Council Chairman who is in charge of Entumbane Makhandeni, Luveve and Cowdry Park area reported that the team made great in roads in Entumbane during the past 3 weeks. Comrade T. Phiri gave encouraging news about Mpopoma, Njube and Pelandaba areas where the party is growing.  There are strong branches now in Mpopoma. She had very good report about the senior leadership in the area especially Zapu stalwart Comrade Winnie Khumalo whose influence is clearly evident in the area of Njube.

Comrade J. Ndlovu from Nkulumane reported that there are branches now at Phekiwe, Maqhawe, Mgombane and Hlatshwayo. He farther said that work was going well in the Nketa area. Comrade S. Bafana reported that there are many people who support Zapu around the Pumula area but the party has still to set up branches. Elder Comrade B. Mpofu expressed concern that the leadership in Pumula was not sending one message to the people. He felt that there was need for the leadership to meet and have one message to the people of the area.
Comrade K. Nketha representing Makokoba, Mzilikazi Nguboyenja and Bulawayo Central reported that progress was being made in the area of Makokoba under the district chairmanship of Comrade Jija Ncube. He expressed displeasure at the provincial leadership's failure to give effective support to one definite district structure. He called upon the senior leadership, that is the NPC members, NEC in the area and the Province to encourage team work and desist from creating many structures without coordination.

Meanwhile the Zapu members expressed solidarity with the people of the city of Bulawayo who are facing economic oblivion, despair and endless threats from Ministers. They committed themselves to work with the people of Bulawayo towards resuscitating the economic and political livelihood of our great city. It is in this view that members expressed disgust at Zanupf‘s leadership in the city that persistently ignores the real issues affecting the people but is preoccupied by singing praises for their leader even at funerals. It is a desperate attitude.

 This attitude baffles many such as was evidenced at a funeral service in Nkulumane Hall last week. ZanuPf Politburo member Absalom Sikhosana irritated the mourners at a funeral service when he diverted from the spirit of mourning a departed resident and decided to share his sacrilege of worshipping a human being, claiming that his party leader was sent by God. Naturally the audience reacted angrily especially the youth because the gathering had nothing to do with politics or the imagined greatness or godliness of Sikhosana's political leader. The audience rejected this openly and the shameless always delirious man was rescued by one of his colleagues from farther humiliating disgrace as people were beginning to shout him off the stage. But such is the leadership of a party thriving on politics of patronage and personal benefits. One has to sing for his super at every possible moment.

Source - Mkhululi Zulu