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ZAPU to host Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Commemoration Gala in Birmingham, UK

by Zapu UK
11 Jul 2016 at 22:29hrs | Views
Zapu Europe Secretary of Culture, Sis Zenzo Siziba
Zapu plans to host a commemoration gala in Birmingham UK on 30-31 July 2016. The events are being coordinated by the Zapu Europe Secretary of Culture, Sis Zenzo Siziba, pictured above. She is working closely with the provincial Secretary for Mobilisation and the Zawu leadership.

The late, Joshua Mqabuko Nyongolo Nkomo, passed on 1 July 1999. Most Zimbabweans can recall exactly where they were and what they were doing when the shocking news of his passing hit the streets. Affectionately known as Mafukufuku, Chibwechitedza, Father Zimbabwe, the late leader was adored and respected by many. He left behind an orphaned country, with children whose economic fortunes have continued to dwindle to this very day. Sadly none of those who survived him rose to the stature of the man. Not even 'Gabriel', the self-proclaimed messiah of Zimbabwe. Father Zimbabwe was a committed democrat, a fair man, peace-maker, nation builder and unifier of his people. He was one of the few Zimbabwean politicians who truly believed in the oneness of Zimbabweans. Good old General Josh, the towering gentle giant.  May his Soul forever rest in peace. I digress.

Back to the proposed gala. The aim is to revisit Joshua Nkomo's political life,  his achievements, vision and dashed hopes of a better and free Zimbabwe. A variety of activities have been planned over the two days. The events will kick off on Saturday evening with drama, poetry, reading of key speeches and quotes by the late JMN Nkomo. Traditional dance and cultural games will be staged to celebrate the rich culture of our people. A cross party mini-debate will be the main highlight and will be structured along the debating format adopted by some popular public debates like the BBC Question Time. That will be covered in the Day 1 programme which will end in a typical Zim-party with popular DJs already queuing to take charge of the proceedings. Party till dawn.

Day 2 will see invited inter-district football teams fighting for the prestigious JMN Trophy with as yet unstipulated price money. 6 teams will battle it out divided into 2 round robin mini-league of three teams each. The winners of each group fight for the JMN Gold and Silver awards. Weather-permitting, this will be interlaced with Bbq, drinks and open air celebrations and entertainment. A good PA system will be used to broadcast the key themes of this gala. Family fun activities will run parallel with the rest of these outdoor activities including a jumping castle. As for the ladies there will be some surprise competitions, so they are advised to come dressed for the occasion on Day 2.

Zapu plans to invite some local VIPs to grace the event. Venue and full programme details will follow shortly. For more information and to register your interest you can contact the Zapu InfoDesk at

Source - Zapu InfoDesk