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Let the law take its course on Prof Jonathan Moyo corruption and fraud case - ZAPU

by Iphithule kaMaphosa
10 Oct 2016 at 18:31hrs | Views
Last week the nation woke up to news headlines about the impending arrest of Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education Prof Jonathan Moyo for a string of corruption and fraud allegations.

We also were made aware of alleged intervention by President Mugabe blocking the arrest of Prof Moyo, an arrest which was supposed to take place during last week's politburo meeting.

The confusion associated with this case, and the accusations and counter accusations that followed the aborted ZACC arrest on Minister Moyo points to the extent of rot that has taken place in the country and government where government officials act criminally because they enjoy protection from the executive, the president in particular.

ZAPU does not condone corruption and fraudulent activities by any government official or citizen. We as a party are also alive to the deep rooted corruption by President Mugabe and his government whose cabinet holders have a plethora of corruption and fraud allegations against them.

In the same vein, ZAPU as a people's party that believes in justice and transparency, we call on the responsible authorities at ZACC, police and the judiciary to let justice and law take its course in this matter.

Instead of pulling the tribal and factional card, Prof Jonathan Moyo should allow the law take its course, have his individual rights to a fair justice system and be investigated for these allegations and an above board judicial process be followed.

We also call upon ZACC to give the Minister the benefit of mentioning the names of those government officials he knows to be equally corrupt and they too be investigated and tried within their constitutional legal and justice rights for it is not a secret that the government of President Mugabe is corrupt right from the President himself to the very last officer in government.

 Therefore, if Prof Jonathan Moyo intends to expose his counterparts, let ZACC afford him the opportunity and also investigate all of them.

 ZACC itself is comprised of commissioners who have criminal allegations against themselves and ZAPU wonders as to why has the issue not solved up until now, especially considering they were made public by Vice President Mphoko and repeated by Minister Jonathan Moyo. The commissioners referred to should do the honorable thing and resign from the commission.

ZAPU sadly note from this circus the extent of public funds misuse and abuse by ZANU PF, where parastatals and quasi government companies are routinely funding the regime and its party activities while the economy burns and the same companies and parastatals are not profitable and even dead, like ZUPCO and NRZ.
This to ZAPU is irresponsible governance by a mafia party whose sole aim of existence is amassing power to sustain an illegitimate regime to further cushion the looters who make up the regime.

Whether or not Jonathan Moyo stole ZIMDEF funds, let law take its course. Indeed Prof Moyo should carry his cross and clear himself or save time if found on the wrong side of the law. ZACC, the police and judiciary has the responsibility to rid the country of corruption while Prof Moyo has the obligation to prove his innocence. The same goes to all government officials and employees-it is their obligation to come clean on corruption and fraudulent activities. The nation is near death because of the deep rooted corruption and all well meaning Zimbabweans should condemn it with the contempt it deserves.

Iphithule kaMaphosa
Deputy National Spokesperson
Zimbabwe African Peoples Union

Source - Iphithule kaMaphosa