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The great betrayal of the Mthwakazi Restoration Agenda

by Edmos Khumalo - MLF Publicity and Information Department
20 Nov 2016 at 10:43hrs | Views
Mthwakazi Liberation Front (MLF) is appalled and disgusted that despite the fact that David Magagula was expelled from this organisation for fraudulent activities and misrepresentations, he continues to use and soil the name of this great historic movement.

Owing to the rich history of MLF, David Magagula and his friends cannot stop using the name of the MLF (a sign emptiness and lack of initiative on their part) which shows how bankrupt of ideas they really are. We wish to warn genuine individuals and pro Mthwakazi organisations that they should not play to whims of pompousness which seems to be directed by the enemy to undermine the restoration agenda.

We in the MLF believe that there exist genuine pro Mthwakazi organisations that have positively and extensively invested so much into the restoration agenda. Today, however, the nobility and viability of the restoration agenda has opened up the flood gates for these fly by night and unscrupulous individuals and organisations hell-bent on satisfying their egos and stomachs. These people and organisations will go to any length to spill the blood and dash the hopes of the people of Mthwakazi to pieces, while taking them back to the gruesome servitude whose chains we in the MLF have determined to break at all costs.

It is therefore not surprising that organisations such as the MRP could not sign the CHITAWA DECLARATION, but today are hell-bent on signing an alliance with a pseudo 'MLF' led by an expelled David Magagula for the specific purpose of participating in the upcoming Zimbabwe elections. This dastardly and cowardice behaviour represents the outright betrayal of the historic, noble and just Restoration Agenda of Mthwakazi. We can only liken this betrayal to the greatest of all time of the proverbial Judas Iscariot who satisfied his hunger for thirty (30) pieces of silver.

Even after the expulsion of David Magagula from the MLF, numerous of his fraudulent activities keep coming to light and to our attention. A case in point being the fifty thousand rand (R50,000) which David Magagula solicited from unsuspecting Mthwakazi aspirants on the pretext of purchasing weapons of war in pursuit of satisfying his personal militancy mantra, which was but just a fundraising ploy on his part. Beware you have been warned, you may just be the next of his victims to part away with your hard earned money.

In the honest and dedicated spirit of the restoration agenda, we would like to warn all those who are pro Mthwakazi against such high risk elements and organisations that are prepared to settle for anything less than the outright restoration and sovereignty of the State of Mthwakazi.

As David Magula and his friends from the lunatic fringe meet today,(the 20th November 2016)  under the leadership of the rogue MRP to sign a memorandum to participate in the Zimbabwe elections, we wish to yet again draw your attention to his Letter of Expulsion which is attached.

Source - Edmos Khumalo - MLF Publicity and Information Department