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Paul Siwela - MLO spells out the restoration road map to the recovered Matebele state

by Thulani Nkala
12 Mar 2017 at 20:01hrs | Views
The calls for an independent state of Matebeleland are increasing, on the 5th November 2016, Stanley Khumalo who is widely known as King Mzilikazi 2 effectively repudiated the Rule by Conquest when he tore into shreds the Matebeleland Order in Council which was promulgated by the British government after the defeat of the Mthwakazi state. We have seen concerted efforts to reawaken Mthwakazi by many various organisations such as the MLF, MRP and other private individuals, such as Xoxani Ngxoxo and others.

Recently Mr Paul Siwela the President of Matebeleland Liberation Organisation released a ground-breaking document titled "Notice of Demand for The Restoration of Matebeleland State", whereby all important stakeholders were put on notice about the intentions of the MLO, this included the foreign governments, the government of Zimbabwe, Multinational companies, and other investors. "Under the direction and authority of Matebeleland Liberation Organisation Supreme Council, The President of M.L.O. Paul Siwela served the British government under the leadership of David Cameron and Zimbabwe government under the leadership of Robert Gabriel Mugabe with Notices of Demand for The Restoration of Matebeleland State on 5 December 2015 and 7 December 2015 respectively. Both addressees acknowledged receipt of The Notices" reads part of the statement.

Mr Paul Siwela's notification continued as follows "All foreign governments and multi-national organizations, the general public and the business community that has invested in Matebeleland territory must exercise extreme caution as their licenses shall be subject to cancellation in due course and their operations affected by this Notice in one way or the other". The government of Zimbabwe has since 1980 continued mortgaging the resources of Matebeleland without the people of Matebeleland benefitting from them.

Of late the evidence that the government of Mr Robert Mugabe is rattled by the increasing calls for an independent state of Mthwakazi is everywhere, last week the Presidential Spokesman Mr George Charamba wrote in the state media where he wrote and poured scorn on the Matebeleland Restoration agenda, he went on to say that even if Matebeleland became independent today (of which it will become) that the cultural hegemony and influence of the so called majority will remain in place in Matebeleland. What George failed to understand is that Mthwakazi is a politically mature construct open to other nations' cultural influences, what Mthwakazi does not want is to be forced to imbibe from a poisonous cultural pot, if Mthwakazi exercises her will to choose then there is nothing wrong in consuming and enjoying Shona culture.

In his ground-breaking independence document Mr Paul Siwela puts it clear that the culture of corruption which has become so pervasive in Zimbabwe will not be tolerated in an independent Matebeleland. "To enforce zero tolerance to corruption, the constitution of The Republic of Matebeleland shall provide for the following;- That corruption shall be prescribed as an offense that is considered a serious crime and repugnant to the values of the nation and if one is convicted shall face a mandatory sentence of death by lethal injection" reads part of the statement.

Arguably corruption has crippled many African economies to the detriment of their citizenry. If an independent Matebeleland assumes zero tolerance to corruption, then the newly emerged state will stand a better chance of success and sustainable economic growth. On the flip-side some people feel that the proposed punishment is well over the top and too draconian. "I agree with Paul Siwela, in terms of stamping out corruption, I also agree with him that corruption is a foreign concept in Matebeleland, however, his prescription and severity of the proposed punishment is not befitting the crime" a political analyst  who wanted to remain anonymous said.
Some of the highlights of Mr Siwela's statement:

 - Matebeleland shall be divided into four provinces, namely Matopo, Gwayi, Lalalphansi and uMhlahlandlela.
 -There shall be a Matebeleland Dollar which will be pegged at 1:10usa dollars.

 - Matebeleland will apply to join the Southern African Customs Union and the Southern African Monetary Union.

 - Matabeleland shall be a Constitutional Republic.
 - Dual citizenship will be allowed. etc

Since the government of Mr Robert Mugabe hounded Mr Paul Siwela out of the country, Mr Siwela's political credibility and stature has been on the rise.

Source - Thulani Nkala