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Zimbabwe Republic Police a bunch of un-professionals

by Stephen Jakes
30 Apr 2017 at 14:48hrs | Views
Mthwakazi Republic Party has said the Zimbabwe Republic Police has in a number of instances demonstrated lack of professionalism especially against the Party.

Party secretary general Hloniphani Ncube said their actions to the party have demonstrated that, they are the ZANU PF controlled police, which means they exist to protect the interests of the brutal ruling political party.

"Firstly, the Police stormed the Mlamuli Secondary School and illegally arrested the four Mlamuli parents who acted within the confines of their rights to demand the ouster of a Shona headmistress. These monsters acting on the interests of ZANU PF masquerading as the Zimbabwe Republic Police were shamelessly embarrassed when the court dismissed their mechanised case against the peaceful Gumede community and it was a shame to the ZANU PF camp," he said.

"Due to the fact that, ZANU PF is full of people with unnecessary pride, the Harare bosses also ordered the Jotsholo Police to detain MRP officials who attended the party to celebrate justice which was served to the Gumede community, and that gathering was organised by the community."

He said surprisingly, soon after eating our well prepared meal we saw scores of riot police heavily armed and they went straight to Mqondisi Moyo and took him.

"Other officials could not let their President to be taken alone by these Police who exhibited thugstarism behaviour," he said.

"The police did not pronounce the charge upon taking about eleven officials which indicates how primitive  the policing standards are in Zimbabwe. All officials including the Secretary General were charged with participating in a gathering with the intention to cause violence."

Ncube said in stead of being taken to Lupane Court after 48 hours of detention, they were taken to Hwange and were overloaded in a police vehicle.

 "The Public Procecutor of Hwange released all the eleven members of the party and issued them with summons and up to today no trial have been conducted," he said.

"Our President was separately taken to Lupane Magistrate court and he was also released. After three months the Lupane CID took over the case and they only laid similar charges to the President and the Secretary General claiming that we were the conveners of the gathering."

Ncube said all these above policing administrative errors highly substantiate the poor standards of policing in Zimbabwe.

"To make matters worse, the names of the officials on our summons are wrongly spelt, because the statements are compiled by Police officers who does not understand the local languages and this is purely the implementation of the 1979 grand plan," he said.

"Recently, while one of our officials was going to clear the anticipated Gwanda Sensitisation Road Show, he was detained in a toilet which was locked by the Police until one of our provincial security officers approached the station. This is unnecessary provocation on the already angry supporters of MRP. To make the matters worse the police further denied us to conduct our peaceful road show citing very stupid reasons. If they are supporters of ZANU PF we will treat them like wise," he said.

"To set the record straight, MRP is here to stay in Mthwakazi and no amount of intimidation would scare it away. If the police continues with this thugstarism behaviour on our peaceful movement we will teach them good manners. We are not in politics to enjoy but we are forced by the brutality of ZANU PF and Mugabe to free our people.

"We continually urge all Mthwakazi loving citizens to go and register to vote for  MRP in 2018 elections. We know that elections might not bring our freedom, but it is the road towards our freedom."

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