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'Dumb and brainless people cost Bosso points and cash,' says Ezra Sibanda

by Stephen Jakes
06 Jun 2017 at 09:24hrs | Views
Former Radio Zimbabwe Presenter Ezra Tshisa Sibanda has said the dumb and brainless people purporting to be Highlanders FC supporters have cost the team so much through the invasion of the pitch during a game with Dynamos FC at Barbourfields.

"Highlanders fined yet again and 3 points given to Dynamos, We all saw it coming when the game between Bosso and Dembare was abandoned after some dumb people masquerading as Bosso fans invaded the pitch. The brainless so called fans were disputing a controversial Dynamos "offside" goal which made it 1 all in the 42nd minute pushing referees to abandon the game. What a sad state of affairs," Sibanda said.

"The club has been fined $4000 and 3 points donated to Dynamos by the PSL Disciplinary Committee as most good Bosso fans first feared. Now where are those idiots who stopped the game? There are nowhere to be found. The already financially crippled club Bosso has been hit by a hefty fine and 3 points given to their fiercest rivals DeMbare-thanks to the fools, that's criminal."

He said they can't even raise the $4000 which they have been campaigning to raise and even if they managed who will give Bosso the points which were fraudulently taken away from them?

"As l said before people who invaded the pitch and threw missiles to the lineman were enemies of Highlanders, no genuine Bosso fan would do that knowing the consequences. Those selfish people hate Highlanders big time and deserve to be banned from all Bosso games for life. Some of them tried to call for a boycott of Bosso-Triangle game and got eggs on their faces. I'm happy they were ignored & shamed. Real Bosso fans attended the game to cheer their team to victory," he said.

"Those several fans who ran onto the pitch have to be identified. It's high time Bosso approaches Super Sport and ask for the video footage to help identify those fools. In order to prevent the club from being in jeopardy of receiving a heavy fine from the PSL, the law should change. Don't fine pitch invaders at the police station. Arrest, take them to courts and jail them. After that, the club has to sue the culprits and make them pay the PSL fine. You can't just ask someone sponsored by unruly political elements, pushing their sinister agenda to pay $5 for being a nuisance at a football game and let them just go like that when they cause so much anarchy for good fans attending the games."

Tshisa said it's scary to take children and women to football games now because of these animals. He said their safety is not guaranteed because anytime there can be violence putting their lives in danger.

"Highlanders Football Club has to have a zero tolerance policy to pitch invasions, and any person breaching this particularly important ground regulation should be dealt with thoroughly. We are all concerned and frustrated by Zim political & economic situation BUT hands off Bosso and people should learn to channel their frustrations to the people behind their problems without using Highlanders name. Get into the political field and challenge the rotten system without using our club let alone football. It is a sport, just a game. Respect Highlanders, Respect football and Respect genuine fans who make Bosso great. Ngeke ibulawe! Since 1926 still standing yekelani ubumbulu ngoba ayiyindawo," he said.

Source - Byo24News