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The strength of Mthwakazi Republic Party is in knowing who the enemy is

by Stephen Jakes
19 Jun 2017 at 07:13hrs | Views
Mthwakazi Republic Party spokesperson Mbonisi Gumbo has said the strength of MRP is in knowing who the enemy is, and focusing on rebuilding the fallen walls of their beloved Mthwakazi.

"When ever you begin to give an ear or eye to destructive criticism you should know you are losing focus. When ever you see yourself using your energy to fight fellow Cdes internally know that you are losing focus. Our major Focus between now and election day is wining seats in Mthwakazi as part of our plans to free Mthwakazi. Our next step after elections will be the international lobbying," he said.

"Our major focus during campaign is to convince our people that there is only one alternative to their freedom and Development, that is a FREE Mthwakazi. Right now information must be passed to everyone that, everyone who is 18 years and above should register and Vote MRP in Mthwakazi come 2018. Ukungabhalisi ukuvota wena ule 18 and above yibumbulu, ukuvotela any Harare party yibumbulu wena unguMthwakazi yibumbulu. Ukucabanga ukuthi, iMDC-T, NPP le Zanu. Etc kuhlukile yibumbulu."

He said everyone should thank all those who criticize them because they are promoting them and should be encouraged to do so.

"We do not have an enemy in Mthwakazi, we only have slow learners and Thomases libabekezelele don't insult them. Keep your focus. We fight against Shona suprimecy, tribalism, favoritism, 1979 Grand Plan, Zanu and its replica parties. Abakithi labo bathwele nzima njengathi they are not our problem. With craft is when you think that your help will come from Harare. Ubumbulu yikucabanga ukuthi kukhona okucono kuloMthwakazi ozimele yedwa. Tell a friend to tell a friend that next year sivotela iNdlovu. Njalo Yithi Abantu! Abantu Yithi! Asifuni Bumbulu KoMthwakazi," he saiid.

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