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Mthwakazi must be free - Magagula

by Stephen Jakes
19 Jul 2017 at 15:45hrs | Views
Recent remarks by both Zimbabwe and South Africa point to the need for an independent Mthwakazi, former Mthwakazi Liberation Front Spokesperson David Magagula has said.

"I have always maintained that MLF is the leading force in the fight to liberate Mthwakazi and that MLF is just like the first rain that bring to life all sorts of creatures. These make marvelous and musical noise to the African Rural life. As if my preaching was a joke both Zimbabwean and South African Ministers have alluded to my assertion that Mthwakazi must be free and that will benefit the whole of Southern Africa," he said.

"The South African Deputy Minister of Police was quoted as having said a debate must be opened on why Foreigners have taken over Johannesburg, particularly Hibrow, Berea and Yoeville. I must tell the Minister that 99,99 of the inhabitants of the mentioned areas are Mthwakazian. On the other hand (President Robert) Mugabe's lick dogs and boot lickers in the form of Obedingwa Mnguni the deputy Minister of Home affairs and Abednigo Ncube-what ever he is a minister of, are accusing Stanley of demanding our(Mthwakazi)country and freedom."

He said the Big Question Is: where do these people go? Lithi bayengaphi?

"The so many Mthwakazi formations that have sprung up every where are a sign that Mthwakazi ought to be free and be free now. While Mthwakazi has a cultural and historic right to claim large parts of South Africa,they have chosen to fight for their Kingdom-the land between Limpopo and the Zambezi. May the two nations who owe them so dearly accept that they are a nation on their own right and let them decide their fate," said Magagula.

"The South African Deputy called for a debate and he shall get it gladly. The Zimbabwe bootlickers are quoting a constitution that they don't respect themselves to try and suppress the Mthwakazi issue. As a sibling of that (Mthwakazi)nation I know that when they(AbaThwakazi) want something,they do get it and as they are calling for their country/Kingdom, please give them before they forcefully take it."

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Source - Byo24News