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'Mthwakazi question, bigger than Media Wars'

by Stephen Jakes
20 Jul 2017 at 10:20hrs | Views
Mthwakazi Republic Party has said the People's Revolutionary Party is very much disturbed by the continued onslaught by the so called aspirants for the kingship revival on media, especially those who have resorted to state media in trying to outsmart each other on who the real king of Mthwakazi is.

MRP said it is so sad for our people to be so naive to an extent of trying to address this question through newspapers like Chronicle and the Sunday News.

"Are these not the same newspapers who remained silent when our people were being butchered alive through the Gukurahundi disturbances of 1982- 1987?,  which Robert Mugabe later called it a moment of madness regardless of the fact that he has never told us who was mad between his government and the victims of these atrocities and the survivors," said the MRP.

"Is the Chronicle and the Sunday news not the same media houses which were used to destroy and demonise our own outspoken man of the cloth Archbishop Pius Ncube when they doctored his downfall because he stood for the down trodden people of Mthwakazi. Not forgetting the role he played on the research of the 1982-1986 Genocide through the CCJP. We all know that the government of Zimbabwe is never happy about those who stand for the truth hence the scheming of our respectable Archibishop's fall."

He said the same Chronicle and the Sunday News as the government mouth piece will never publish stories condemning the Shona dominance in the land of Mthwakazi.

"That includes limited employment opportunities for Mthwakazi people, limited opportunities for the business people of Mthwakazi, deployment of non Ndebele speaking teachers to the Mthwakazi schools thereby depriving the children and the people of Mthwakazi their Right to education. As well as the deployment of non Ndebele workers in the Civil Service, and all these malpractices are enshrined in the satanic document of 1979 Grandplan which seeks to anhiliate and destroy the people of Mthwakazi," said MRP.

"I would categorically state that the current media fights between the Khumalos and of late the Mambo dynasty claimants is tantamount to helping the continued oppression of our people by the Shonas. Mthwakazi question is a political problem which needs  a political solution for now.  It is indeed true that we may need to revisit the kingship question but the truth of the matter is that since the white colonial defeat to the current Shona oppression, the Mthwakazi people suffer from political discourse from the two sets of colonisers hence the need for our people to realize that we are not only defeated cultural and traditional but political, economical,educational, social and otherwise."

MRP said turprisingly we do not hear all these who are fighting for kingship challenging the status quo by the current Shona regime which had continued to treat their people as second class citizens in their own motherland.

"Our people have become beggars and foreigners in their own forefathers land, but instead of challenging all these irregularities head on the so. Surprisingly ZANU PF and other parties like MDCT are allowed to buss people as far as from Mashonaland. These parties are not in any way blocked because they serve the same purpose that of destroying Matabeleland. Why all these conditions to MRP?."

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