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MRP leader angered by reports of war vets intimidating Nkayi villagers

by Stephen Jakes
24 Jul 2017 at 07:37hrs | Views
Mthwakazi Republic Party leader Mqondisi Moyo on Saturday expressed concerns and anger over reports that villagers in Nkayi were being intimidated and threatened by intelligency security officers for supporting the party.

He made his complaints during a rally at Cross Zenka and Mpumelelo Business centerin Nkayi Matabeleland North.

Moyo told villagers that he was not happy with the information he got upon arrival that there is group of warvets going around intimidating people led by one certain Mjibha popularly known as Sandlana.

Sandlana is a notorious thug who is known for intimidating villagers in the area together with his other Cdes who include Mhlanga and Tshuma who are well known war veterans in the community "abadume ngomana uqonde".

The is also a CIO operative known as Razor going around intimidating people and he is also a drunkard.

Razor called the party leadership five times durig our rallies telling us what to do and what not to do. He threatened that he can influence all the police and CIOs to stop clearing our rallies.

Moyo told villagers that Gukurahundi will never happen again in Mthwakazi and next year marks the turning point in the struggle for self determination. With or without the state sponsored intimidation.

Cde Colman Khanye took the opportunity to introduce the party's parliamentary and council candidates in attendance. Party representatives who spoke at the rallies emphasized that now is the time for self-determination, people should register and vote as we peacefully demand our Mthwakazi Restoration.

Everyone who is 18 and above please go and register to vote. The process will begin on the first of October 2017 let's all be ready. The people previously known as aliens are now eligible to vote so please let's go and vote.

Cde Ackim Gasela Mhlanga took a swipe at Minister of primary and secondary education Dr Lazarus Dokora for taking Matabeleland people for granted. Cde Mhlanga questioned the Minister's deployment criteria that discriminate our Mthwakazi people.

"Schools such as Mpumelelo that are in a Ndebele dominated area, the majority of teachers are non Ndebele speaking this is a disgrace in Nkayi and they serve as a conduit to maintain the successfulness of the satanic Shona Grand plan," said Gasela.

The headmistress at the school Masunda was very heartless and was working hand in hand with the CIOs to intimidate us. Masunda threatened to punish a school child whom we only greeted.

Vera from the President's office failed to interpret the constitution on the issue of Toyitoying and bussing of people as Zanu PF did in Lupane.

Moyo started off by a minute of silence in honour of the Gukurahundi victims in the area. Before thanking MRP chairman for Matabeleland North Cde Prince Moyo who is also the party's council candidate for ward 22 and his team for a job well done.

The president also thanked one of the party's United Kingdom executive member for donating four goats to the party saying he was touched by the gesture.

The party is not donor funded it is funded by its own members. Every dollar you contribute counts and Mthwakazi will be free.

Moyo had no kind words for both ZANU and MDC-T which he accused of being birds of the same feathers flock together. They all carry the same agenda of destroying Mthwakazi through the grand plan.

Moyo said the timber in Nkayi, Gas in Lupane and the rest of mineral resources in Matabeleland North belong to the people of Nkayi. Imploring them to protect their resources for their own good.

These are your resources they don't belong to the Zimbabwean army, or any state security, let alone government or ZANU PF. It is not a crime for you to demand equal share of your resources. It is your Right to get first preference in employment in your province. We now need to take action and stop being crybabies, part of the action is to register and vote. Joining the people's party and even be candidates.

South Africa is no longer greener pastures as it used to be, so its no longer an option going there because the are majority that are there now wish to come back.

"Abantwana benu bahlezi nzima eGoli badala ngitsho njalo ngoba sasikubone, siyasifike khonale kunzima kuzwisa usizi," he said.

"Let's fight for self determination and make Matabeleland conducive for our children to come back. We can't have our children, brothers, sisters, and cousins staying in South Africa only to come back in coffins, we refuse that enough is enough."

Moyo said MRP is seeking to follow the route taken by the Scotland National Party SNP of England of holding on to Council and Parliamentary seats in our territory while pursuing total independence from Britain.

"We are aware that ZANU PF has started training youth militia ahead of elections. This only shows that ZANU PF is no longer popular but only thrives on chaos, corruption, malice, intimidation and violence," he said.

He said MRP will remain peaceful but we also have youths we will not allow any form of intimidation.

"Asifuni Bumbulu this time. Said the President. We are hoping that ZANU PF won't be able to stop a revolution whose time has come. The same militia they are training will be used by ZANU PF factions to destroy each other in the very near future as they fight to replace the Mugabe," he said.

Source - Byo24News