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MRP President concerned about the party's preferred way of governance

by Stephen Jakes
04 Aug 2017 at 08:17hrs | Views
Mthwakazi Republic Party spokesperson Mbonisi Gumbo has said his boss Mqondisi Moyo, in a story published by NewsDay on Wednesday, meant that the party has a preferred way of governance not individuals.

"It was not intended to promote Kingship candidature of A or B. The party's position remains unchanged that we will not interfere with the selection of a Mthwakazi King. We will not even take sides on the matter until its finalized. But as a stakeholder It is our Right to state which type of a governance system we want in a free Mthwakazi State," Gumbo said.

"It is our democratic Right too to state what kind of a King we want. If we dont openly discuss and agree these issues it will affect us in the long run. Asibafuni ontaba kayikhonjwa thina!!!. Like we have always said MRP will only support a pro Mthwakazi Restoration King. The party will not accept any Harare stooge disguised as a King in Mthwakazi."

He said further more like the President has stated we do not support an absolute Monarch.

"ZAPU and its leader left many issues to chancers in 1979 after Dr Nkomo told the colonialists to give them the country insisting that they were going to iron out their issues with ZANU once the country was in the hands of a black person. We all know the results of such a move. It ended with people being subjected to Gukurahundi genocide and other inhumane treatments that have destroyed Matabeleland today by the blackman who have since confessed to have been mad and have been in power for over 37 years," he said.

"Mthwakazi Republic Party is committed to building a democratic, Constitutional, peaceful and prosperous Mthwakazi Nation. It is therefore unfortunate that some people decides to twist a straightforward statement by our President to mean that it meant to vilify a certain kingship candidate while promoting the other who ever that is. We say it is malicious, vexatious and frivolous to associate the President's well intended statement with Khumalo family's factional approach to the Kingship issue. We call on all stakeholders particularly the Khumalo family and the Chiefs to put their house in order. Asifuni Bumbulu For peace and justice in our life time. "

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