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MRP President trial postponed again

by Stephen Jakes
12 Sep 2017 at 11:43hrs | Views
Lupane court on Monday postponed the trial of Mthwakazi Republic Party leader Mqondisi Moyo.

The postponement was made after his defense lawyer of Abammeli  Human Rights Lawyers Network Maqhawe Mpofu and  Lupane court Public Prosecutor Sanders Sibanda agreed on the postponement due to the non availability of trial magistrate Ndumo Masuku.

They agreed on the matter being postponed to 16 and 17 October .

The dates as usually came upon as an agreement between the state represented by the public prosecutor and the defence council.

The postponement was necessitated by the unavailability of the locally deployed Magistrate Ndumo Masuku who is reported to be in Bulawayo on other work related commitments.

Moyo is charged with contravening Public Order and Security Act. However,  he pleaded not guilty to the charge citing that, the state has no tangible evidence against against him.

The defiant Moyo went on to say "as the people's revolutionary party we take this opportunity to appreciate the support we continue to receive from the Mlamuli community"

Yesterday close to seventy (70) parents were present at court as all of them will be the witnesses to Mr Mqondisi Moyo's defence that indeed as the parents they were the convenors of the 14th of December 2016 Celebration party which was organised to celebrate the acquittal of four Mlamuli parents who were arrested for Millet Bonyongwe's fiasco at Mlamuli Secondary school.

"We appreciate the morale, spiritual and physical support we get from these parents who have stood for their rights in spite of the oppressor's cunning nature," commented  the brave Moyo.

Moyo went on to say "We say there is nothing for us without us."

In a statement that aroused people's emotions and their determination to the struggle of self determination Mqondisi narrated that, "a guerilla is one who fights to free his people from bondage and enslavement. The prospect of death does not even arise in his mind as his life will go on in the hearts of a nation that will remember him"

He went on to indicate that, " if we must die, then we must die like soldiers... I will not die running away from the police. I will not die from being shot in the back. I will die in the battle, and until they shoot me in my forehead the battle will continue."

Mthwakazi Republic Party is one of the political parties that would be contesting in the 2018 general elections. The party would only contest in Matebeleland and Midlands region the once Mthwakazi nation.

In the closing speech Moyo urged the Mlamuli community to register to vote so as to pave way for Mthwakazi restoration.

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