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The coronation of King Mzilikazi 2 marks a new beginning

by Thulani Nkala
13 Sep 2017 at 10:40hrs | Views
Peter Z. Khumalo (left), Leo Z. Khumalo (right) bephahle and Mzilikazi II (Stanley Raphael Khumalo-Tshuma - centre)
September the 12, will go down the history as one of the most momentous days in the life of the Mthwakazi nation where the Mthwakazi people decided to chat a new trajectory full of hope and devoid of fear. The coronation of King Mzilikazi2, King Raphael Stanley Khumalo was miraculous in many ways than one.

The enemy was made to chase after the wind well way after the coronation had taken place. The courageous and vocal spokesperson of the king Mr Greater Sibanda announced that the King was coronated well 2 days before the the envisaged Trade Fair grounds public affair which was blocked by the Mugabe merchants of death which were heavily armed with teargas and many other weapons.

Bayivimbe isifohlile. When the police and the intelligence agencies stopped the intended gathering they did not know that the coronation had already taken place. A wise king will always outmanoeuvre the evil system. Today Mthwakazi has a coronated king. Today Mthwakazi has gained new confidence. Today Mthwakazi has gained hope for its old and young. Now the trajectory, the direction of travel is clear to the whole nation but more so the enemy in Harare. Nothing, let me repeat, nothing will stop this blazing fire, yes it won't be easy but now people are ready to rule and govern themselves. The restoration time is now. This is an unstoppable tsunami. Mugabe knows that, Mugabe always knew that the Mthwakazi people would one day rise and demand what belongs to them, that day has come.

Today is not an ocassion of long articles or statements but a day of celebrating Mthwakazi freedom, September the 12th will go down the history as a Mthwakazi freedom day. Therefore me and my family would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the king for ascending to the throne, congratulate the nation of Mthwakazi for supporting its king and finally to congratulate those who worked closely with the king. I say our journey has just begun. This reminds me of the historic words which were uttered by the king at City Hall, he said that Mthwakazi was a unique nation with a special purpose in the world, that its time has come and that the nations of the world will all copy it excellent and inclusive governing systems. This is true taking into account his grandfather's superior governance systems.

Mthwakazi you are ready to live, you are ready to wipe your tears of decades, you are ready to receive your children from foreign lands, you are ready to mourn the victims of the genocide and heal.

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Source - Thulani Nkala