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Mthwakazi party threatens to eradicate all Shona teachers in Tsholotsho

by Stephen Jakes
18 Sep 2017 at 06:36hrs | Views
Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP) has threatened that it will not sit and watch while Mugabe's ruling party Zanu-PF implements the 1979 grand plan in Matabeleland.

MRP also said it is worried about the provocative behaviour of the Minister of Primary and Secondary Education Dr. Lazarus Dokora's policies with reference to the schools around Tsholotsho, which comes at a period where the party's followers are very tired about Shona rule.

Mthwakazi Republic Party Secretary General Hloniphani Ncube said they are reliable informed that, recently a number of teachers from Mashonaland came with offer letters from the so called National Office, under the auspices of the Public Service Commission were heavily deployed to Tsholotsho schools.

"The most disheartening aspect is that, these Shona mercenaries were deployed in the presence of the local teachers with similar qualifications. For how long shall we watch our enemies fighting us both sides," he said.

"This exclusion of Mthwakazi teachers and segregation is a pure reflection of the Shona people's agenda in Mthwakazi. The agenda is purely to dilute our culture and to cripple the local education as cited in the 1979 ZANU PF grand plan. The plan which was devised to suppress the people of Mthwakazi."

He said these Shona teacher are trained by ZANU PF to impregnant and instil all manner of child abuse to the local students before completing their education.

"The agenda is to ensure that the Mthwakazi students become second class citizens through unveiling sub standard education. The truth is Mugabe and ZANU PF have not stopped the genocide. They want to completely destroy all aspects of Mthwakazi development. These are serious violations of Mthwakazi people's rights. Such tendencies have been witnessed at Mlamuli, Tsheli and Matebeleland South Schools," he said.

"We warn ZANU PF government that we will not watch them implementing the 1979 grand plan. As MRP we will improve our strategy of totally getting rid of all Shona teachers and public servants of the devilish government who are deployed in Mthwakazi. The special MRP National Executive Meeting would be convened to specifically work on tackling these issues. Dokora and his Shona teachers are becoming demons in Mthwakazi that have to be dealt with as a matter of urgency. MRP would not watch Mugabe or any other minister deploying his or her devilish people to destroy and infringe our fundamentally entitled rights."

"We urge the Tsholotsho community and the traditional leaders to partner with their party of choice deployed trained officials to stop this Dokora nonsense. Once again the implementation of the 1979 grand plan would not be implemented without opposition. We will challenge this decision with any manner at our disposal."

He said to the Mthwakazi people these developments must be a good lesson to get rid of shonalisation come 2018 general elections.

"Mthwakazi let us all register to vote in 2018. All above the age of 18 are encouraged to join the struggle. 2018 general elections are part of the struggle for self determination," he said.

Source - Byo24News