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Mugabe's nasty tribal, and bloody succession battle not Mthwakazi battle

by Stephen Jakes
10 Nov 2017 at 07:05hrs | Views
Mthwakazi Republic Party has warned the people from Matabeleland and Midlands alias Mthwakazi to stay away from the battle between the two major Zanu PF factions.

The party said the factions namely G40 which has the backing of the so called first family, with Professor Jonathan Nathaniel Moyo being its chief strategist, working with Savior Kasukuwere, among others and is said to be fronting Grace Mugabe who is wife to Robert Gabriel Mugabe and the Lacoste led by Emmerson Mnangagwa, with Chris Mustwangwa, and Energy Mutodi being the faction's spin doctors are continuing to be locked up in a serious fight.

MRP spokesperson Mbonisi Gumbo said in essence, this is a Zezuru and Karanga war that has nothing to do with all their Mthwakazi tribes.

"We have always said it that Zimbabwe is built on a weak foundation that is of hate, tribalism, regionalism, lies, corruption, nepotism and intimidation, hence eventually it will collapse anytime. We have always expected what is happening in Harare. The Shona people's evil1979 satanic grand plan now cannot stay forever, now it is back firing on them," he said.

"Over the past hundred and twenty years the Mthwakazi Nation has suffered two unprovoked genocides all involving Shona people as if that is not enough, we lost thousands more during the liberation struggle as Zapu and Zpra fought fearlessly to liberate Zimbabwe and we were betrayed by Shona people again when they eventually connived with the British particularly the Queen of England to deny Dr Joshua Mqabuko Nyongolo Nkomo and Zapu's well-deserved victory in 1980."

He said in 1893 the British South African Company (BSAC) brought 652 strong force made up of shona speaking people to come and invade Matabeleland armed with Maxim machine guns.

 "After having killed over six thousands of our warriors, our last King disappeared. They went on to commite genocide, burning King Lobhengula's compound and mercilessly killing over twelve thousand civilians including women and children. During the liberation struggle there are many instances where Shona people betrayed Ndebele, the attacks on Zipra which consisted of all tribes by their fellow countrymen who belonged to Zanla, a Shona dominated army outfit which did not fight any significant and or a recognizable battle throughout the liberation struggle. Zanla cadres were known of lack of discipline, raping women and demanding food during their night vigils which also caused death of thousands of people," he said.

"This tribal outfit betrayed Dr Nkomo many times when he was fighting for peace and Unity between Matabeleland and Mashonaland. The Shona people had already made a plan to destroy the Ndebele Nation as early as 1963 but by God's Grace we survived. We survived a deadly genocide which left an unconfirmed number of over 50 000 people dead, while thousands displaced, maimed and or raped. Up to today the Shona people have maintained the status quo and are united against us as UMthwakazi people. Right now as we speak the Shona tribal government is making sure that they only employ Shona people. They have made sure that they only make the environment to be conducive for Shona people to do business and make money."

Gumbo said tenders are meant for only the Shona people.

"We are completely closed out of anything seem to be beneficiary, whether might be business, sport, employment, development of any nature or kind they make sure it only benefits them. Since 1980 to date there is no Shona person who have ever genuinely joined us to demand justice for Gukurahundi, none of them have ever spoken out against our Marginalization and discrimination," he said.

"We have many qualified people in Mthwakazi some of them are in politics, but ask yourself why only Shona people are entitled to have ambitions of the presidency. Why can't we have a Ndebele leader, why Shona people see Matabeleland leaders as tribal or regional leaders, and not the same way they view Mugabe and Tswangirai?. Right now both Mugabe and Tswangirai are sick patients and their members are fighting succession battles, yet there is no Ndebele person leading a faction. All individuals who are tipped to take over leadership of the two parties are Shona."

He said surprisingly there are senior and capable Ndebele people in both parties yet none of them is even nominated or even spoken about as a possible successor.

"It is because of the above stated reasons why we at MRP believe that the Zezuru and Karanga fight is not ours, whoever succeeds against the other will come and oppress us again. These Shona people have used us for far too long and now we say enough is enough, nothing for us without us, we are not ladders. We will no longer be used to secure political power for other people at our risky and expense," he said.

"Let them kill each other there in Mashonaland. Both Mugabe and Mnangagwa together with their factions are Gukurahundists who killed thousands of our people. We have already lost thousands of our people for nothing while fighting other people's wars. Now we are only prepared to fight for Mthwakazi Restoration no more no less. Let whatever it is they do to each other be done in Harare not here in Matabeleland. We would like to ask our people at this juncture to register and Vote for their freedom next year it is now clear to all and sundry that only MRP is carrying the hope of Mthwakazi Nation."

"We demand justice from both factions, let them fight and kill each other whoever wins will face us as UMthwakazi people united in our diversity and we will be unstoppable at that time. Now is the time to unite as uMthwakazi people whether you are White or black let's get ready to take over, GOD is on our side.

"Remember Mthwakazi Omuhle we warned you against joining Tajamuka, Mawarire and Dzamara shenanigans at the end we were proven right that those were money schemes meant to enrich Shona boys who are today linked to Lacoste disguised as true revolutionaries who genuinely demand peace and justice. "

Gumbo said people were left stranded some dead or injured, some arrested with no help from the organizers who had benefited financially.

"Mutswangwa leave Dr Dumiso Dabengwa alone and leave Matabeleland alone do your things in Mashonaland and leave us alone, truly you sow this and now is the reaping time. Deal with it on your own, you denied us the opportunity to commemorate our loved ones at Bhalagwe, none of the Shona people ever sympathized with DD when those smolanyana riot police intimidated and harassed us," he said.

"Now deal with your succession battle on your own. The likes of Jonathan Moyo, Phelekezela Mphoko, Simon Khaya Moyo and many others in Zanu today are not doing it for us as Mthwakazi people but for their own selfish reasons. Who cares how it ends in Harare as long as we are free and in peace. We may be forced to secure our borders if their wars escalate as we are hearing that the Lacoste is preparing to retaliate against the G40. Stay safe Mthwakazi Omuhle an injury to one is an injury to all of us. During Gukurahundi there was peace in Mashonaland while our people were perishing here."

Source - Byo24News