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WATCH: Flamboyant Namibian Prophet threatens to sue Prophet Magaya

by Simbarashe Sithole
11 Jan 2018 at 23:42hrs | Views
A 35-year-old flamboyant Namibian prophet, Grayston Mckenzie, has dismissed claims by Zimbabwean prophet Walter Magaya of Prophetic Healing Ministries (PHD) that he is using his photo to get money from congregants in Namibia.

Magaya made an announcement at his Waterfalls church on Wednesday service without disclosing his name.

"They is a man of God in Namibia who came here to Zimbabwe asked for a picture with me like everyone l agreed to take a picture with you standing in my office, you are now abusing my picture and you are collecting money in my name from your congregations saying prophet Magaya is borrowing.

"I want to give this announcement to all people in Namibia that l have never sent him and l do not borrow from any congregant or member of the church l don't do that, hallelujah!

"This man is not saying I want to go and see prophet Magaya no he is actually going to a member of the church and say can you give me US$3000 it's not me who needs it its prophet Magaya he wants US$3000 and he will give you in two months.

"So now people are now calling me saying Prophet Magaya give me my US$3000 you borrowed last two months and he has done too many members of his church.

"I am not announcing your name right now but you know I have got your picture if it continues we also continue here on Friday.

If you see me announcing it on TVs it's because we have answered people on the phone no l didn't borrow but every day now 20-calls, 30 calls 50 calls showing that they are many people that he went to and said prophet Magaya wants money now, now," claimed Magaya on his YADAH TV.

Prophet Mckenzie dismissed the alleged claim saying he was a spiritual son to Magaya for five years and posed for a photo when he came to Zimbabwe just for remembrance and posted it on Facebook, which angered Magaya

"I was a son of that prophet for five years full of honour to my father, l took that picture (above) with him and l came back to Namibia where l posted the picture on Facebook and that did not auger well with Magaya .

"Unfortunately he did not tell me that he was disturbed but chose to go live on his Yadah TV where he lied to people that l am using his picture to borrow money, fumed Mckenzie.

Quizzed by this reporter whether he is financially stable Mckenzie boosted of his three companies namely Forex trading company, Scoop youth magazine and Car customise company before showing picture of him splashing cash.

"I am a successful businessman rather a millionaire in my country; I cannot be seen using his picture to make money.

"Tell you what this clergyman once humiliated me again by claiming that l was borrowing US$28000 from him, he thinks he is loved by my congregants but he is wrong," explained Prophet Mckenzie.

"How important is his picture (Magaya) to make money with in Namibia I ask his right hands guys to provide me that numbers who called and said so, which they failed to produce. I want to sue him to make my name Clear...there is no such story he just made up that."

Watch video below:

Meanwhile, it remains to be seen whether prophet Magaya will continue with prophet Mckenzie's claim on his Friday service.

Source - Byo24News

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