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War vet Stanley Ncube is too foreign in Mthwakazi issues

by Stephen Jakes
03 Mar 2018 at 10:13hrs | Views
David Magagula who claim to be an Mthwakazi Liberation Front official while senior officials of the party say he was fired long back has described the war veteran Stanely Ncube who attacked Mthwakazi Republic Party activists for disrupting the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission meetings as foreign to mthwakazi issues.

"One of the achievements of Morgan Tsvangirai in ensuring that Mthwakazi people are forever suppressed in the binary Zimbabwe was to traffic Shona people into Mthwakazi. Morgan did that with great success, giving them surnames found in Mthwakazi. He did that, so that his Shona tribesmen could be accommodated in Mthwakazi land and be let to hold influential posts in the communities," Magagula said.

"For that reason it comes as no surprise to us to learn that there is a person in Mthwakazi leading people whom we have so much respect of, the people who liberated the binary of Zimbabwe, by the name of Stanley Ncube who is as uninformed as not to know who the surviving victims of Gukurahundi are.  There is absolutely no Mthwakazi person no matter how under the influence of any alcoholic substance , would ever question the actions of any other Mthwakazi person regardless of his/her age, when it comes to Gukurahundi issue."

He said if Stanley was a Mthwakazian, he should be knowing that (1) the protesters are sons and daughter of the victims of Gukurahundi.

"They are the very kids that have been deprived of parental love by his handlers. They are the very same kids whom because Gukurahundi, have grown to adulthood without identification documents which  exposed them to a bleak future. (2) Mnangagwa has never admitted perpetrating Gukurahundi. It is in Davos where he admitted that he knew that Gukurahundi happened but he refused flatly to accept that he had a hand in the killings," he said.

"So what is it that this Stanley says his government admitted? What Stanley needs to know is that it is only him who claps for his supper from Mnangagwa, not all Mthwakazi people and he cannot for that reason hold us as a nation at ransom. Absolutely no one, not even his masters can tell us how to demonstrate the pain we feel about Gukurahundi."

Magagula said it is therefore advisable for Stanley to keep away from Mthwakazi people.

"If he feels the voices of these protesters do not represent the Mthwakazi masses or even the communities they live in, why does he think his voice alone represents over 13million Mthwakazi people? It is high time Stanley sober up and realise that his being in ZANU or being a war veteran does not and can not scare us any more. In Mthwakazi, the voices of Mthwakazi people will rule no matter there is Stanley, Mnangagwa or Mugabe. True justice is what we want and we cannot have Shonas detecting the route to justice," he said.

MLF spokesperson Chrispen Nyoni have came out guns blazing accusing Magagula of masquirading as member of MLF when he was fired long back ago. He said Magagula must not be taken as a member of the party but a mischievous person.

Source - Byo24News