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Mthwakazi economy can sustain it's people and the continent

by Stephen Jakes
18 Jul 2018 at 07:29hrs | Views
Mthwakazi activist Hloniphani Ncube has said Mthwakazi nation which lost its sovereignty in 1893, when the British collaborated with the Shona people to rule the state through the rule by conquest has the potential to sustain it's people and fellow Africans.

He said the country is blessed with several minerals such as gold, chrome, copper, gas and many more.

"Mthwakazi nation apart from being blessed with wealth it has also a rich culture and a solid heritage. Today, this article would deal with its wealth. Mthwakazi shares one of the seven wonders with its neighbour Zambia, which is the Zambezi River. This River on its own if managed by the people of Mthwakazi can supply sufficiently the whole nation with hydro electricity. Victoria Falls also has the capacity to generate more than two million US dollars a day through revenue generated from the tourists," he said.

"The place has a potential to be one of the top cities in the world, unfortunately as it is the resort town is under the hands of the vultures. Victoria Falls has a potential to be an industrial town, cause next to Victoria Falls, there is Hwange blessed with coal and wild animals. Victoria Falls has a lot of economic potential. However that is not explored because our nation is colonised."

He said still in Matebeleland North, we have also one of the potential cities which is Lupane.

"Lupane is blessed with an untapped gas. The ─čas in Lupane can sustain the whole continent. Apart from that, Lupane has timber which also can sustain the whole continent. Lupane is also blessed with amacimbi. The area has also gold and rich soils for agricultural production. Our country has tremendous agricultural potential, with the capacity to be the bread basket of the African continent and the world at large," he said.

"In Matebelelend South we have two strategically positioned borders economically, which is Beitbridge and Ramaquabane. These borders are generating more than 3 million a day under these harsh economic conditions."

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