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MRP has nothing to do with Mnangagwa, Chamisa tiff

by Stephen Jakes
09 Aug 2018 at 09:30hrs | Views
Mthwakazi Republic Party has said it has nothing to do with the dispute between Emmerson Mnanbgagwa and Nelson Chamisa over election results.

The party said the headline of the Newsday of the 6th of August 2018, screamed a headline that read "MRP fights in Chamisa's Corner.

"The article creates an insinuation that there is exchange of solidarity between the two political parties. We would not have bothered to respond to this shameful journalism, if this article was not placing us in the tribal political theatre of contestation of power between the Karanga and the Zezuru," MRP said.

"The MRP leadership has matured enough to understand the political shenanigans brewing in the Zimbabwe political matrix. It is clear that this election, apart from being an international plebiscite, was an opportune moment of restoring power back to the Karangas after the fall of the Zezuru strongman. Our people must be worried of the endorsement of Chamisa by Robert Mugabe on the eve of elections and the whole halubaloo about the Mugabe magic vote."

"We have always forecasted that the elections of the 30th were being dramatized for a government of national unity. The quest for such an arrangement has even gone to the extent of having six innocent lives deliberately sacrificed in Harare."

MRP said its people must ask themselves these difficult questions: Who in his right mind shoots at unarmed civilians during the process of an election?.

"Who can be this stupid to shoot at women, not from the front but from behind, during an election period? How does a party with the highest record of human rights abuse shoots and kill innocent protesters in front of international election observers and journalists? This was an act of justification for a government of national unity. This is evidently a continuation of the G40 and Lacoste war, each protecting the interest of the Karanga and the Zezuru. None of the two is relutant to relinquish power, rather they share," MRP said.

"When Professor Welshman Ncube signed for an alliance with Chamisa, everyone, especially in Matabeleland believed that he was going there to bolster the image and political profile of the young and childish Chamisa. It is now clear that Prof Welshman's presence is not visible in the Alliance because the politics at play instinctively eliminates him from the terrain. Thokozani Khuphe suffered the same fate when she strayed into the wrong path of disturbing the political tribal order. The question is, who is breastfeeding Chamisa politically? That's where the G40 element and the assigned Tendai Biti comes in. We have heard Prof Jonathan Moyo throwing his weight behind Chamisa. The man is known to be deep in the tribal tassle for power between the Karangas and the Zezurus."

MRP said those with a sharp memory will remember that his support and defence of Zanu PF has, and is always environmentally dependent on Mugabe or any of his proxy being at the helm of the party.

"His insistence on standing on Mugabe's corner even after his ouster and his endorsement of a Chamisa presidency clearly shows that there is a high chance and point of convergence between the two men. The attitude of Journalism in this country has been politically conceived to feed this tribal tassle and Matabeleland has become a playing ground for these political games," MRP said.

"Our perception is that the two parties rigged each other, one led by the G40 experts for Chamisa and Lacoste for Mnangagwa, two factions schooled in the same Nikuv syllabus. The Lacoste rigged the parliamentary, while the G40 rigged on the presidential. How does one explain the contrast of the aggregate of numbers of parliamentary and presidential scores between the two candidates. It is expected that Zanu PF's victory in parliament would be nearly proportional to that of the presidency. The contrast suggests that there was a bhora musango managed somewhere."

MRP said people of Matabeleland believe that they voted for Zanu PF and MDC Alliance, but little do they know that they are just willing participants in politics of the Karangas and the Zezurus.

"We will continue to educate our people on the political abuse by these Harare parties, and encourage that they stay away from them. As Mthwakazi Republic Party, we will reject whoever is nominated as president between Chamisa and Mnangangwa. There is no honesty between the two men. They are both resistant to the spirit of devolution that they have been lip singing to gain Matabeleland vote. The emphasis on Mnangagwa and Chamisa being the faces of contest in this election clearly defeats the spirit of devolution. The likelihood of having a foreign mayor and his deputy in the City of Kings has further exposed the hypocrisy of Chamisa and his political choir," said MRP.

"We plead with the Newsday editorial team to resist the temptation of feeding our people with poison disguised as news. The people of Mthwakazi have had enough of such abuse from the state media."

Source - Byo24News