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MLO demands $100 billion for Gukurahundi damages

by Stephen Jakes
03 Oct 2018 at 07:33hrs | Views
Matabeleland Liberation Organisation (MLO) leader Paul Siwela has said his party is demanding $100 billion for multiple damages incurred by people in Matabelland during the government sponsored genocide of the 1980s.

"Our demand, as MLO made to the Government of Zimbabwe through the Office of The President of Z imbabwe, was that Matabeleland be paid a compensation sum of US$100 billion for the multiple level damages suffered under successive Zimbabwe administrations since 18 April, 1980 and the rapacious exploitation of her resources to benefit of shona people at the exclusion of Matabeles," he said.

"The US$100 billion compensation covers the Matabeleland Genocide committed between 1980 and 1988 by the Zanu PF led government the loss of property, the needless subjection of Matabele people to economic sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the West for Zimbabwe's political indiscretions, the marginalisation of our citizens and their loss of dignity which has caused them to be displaced, dehumanized, traumatised and dispersed across the globe as economic refugees."

He urged all the people of Matebeleland to reject the pending apology without compensation from the government of Zimbabwe.

"Lets all stand together and enforce this demand for US$100Billion compensation as failure would be a betrayal of our of departed relatives," he said.

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