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Bulilima legislator thanks ZINWA surveyors for Mabhongane Dam visit

by Titshabona Ncube
20 Feb 2019 at 14:32hrs | Views
Bulilima West legislator, Dingumuzi Phuti with his delegation
Bulilima West legislator, Dingumuzi Phuti, has yesterday, expressed his sincere gratitude to the  Zimbabwe National Water Authorities (ZINWA) engineers who had visited his constituency on the 19th February 2019, on a mission to survey a damaged Mabhongane Dam wall.

The destruction to the dam occurred four years ago when the dam wall burst following some heavy torrential rains.

After consistent pleas and appeals stretching as far back as March 2016, to have the damaged dam attended to, the Bulilima West residents said they were glad to have a representative like Honourable Phuthi who has been instrumental in channelling their predicaments to the relevant authorities. Some residents, in addition, thanked Honourable Phuthi for being influential in the promotion of indigenous languages as a mode of communication in parliamentary sessions and praised him for being a unique Member of Parliament who usually walks the talk. His use of the Kalanga language in some parliamentary sessions has had a knock-on effect as it apparently has encouraged other legislators to follow suit and use the minority languages as a mode of communication in parliament.

Invited guests included the senior Herdmen from the surrounding areas.

Giving his speech, Honourable Phuthi said he was on a mission to improve the infrastructure of the area including roads which are crucial to economic development and growth and bring important social benefits to the area. The Legislator expressed his embarrassment seeing the Botswana side of the Maitengwe Border Post so developed and with continual renovations undergoing, yet the Zimbabwean side was still in a sorry state.

One of the invited guests Tate Siliva Niswimbo Sibanda, a senior herdman from the Bhambadzi area, in his speech, said it was a welcome development and also to receive the engineers was an impressive move to the right direction and thanked the surveyors for their commitment to work. However, he lamented some habitual empty promises from the previous government which was the reason of the lack of development in the area. According to herdman Sibanda the dam was of paramount importance as it serviced not only the domestic livestock but wild animals as well. He indicated that during drought spells animals would stray and march from as far as the Hwange National Park to drink at the Mabhongane dam. Upon finding no water in the dam the animals would there upon stray as far as the Tokwana area where there were reported incidents of people being killed by wild animals. He praised honourable Phuthi for his passion in pushing for the promotion and development of the Bulilima area.

Mabhongane dam is located between Jutshume and Makhulela at the 15km peg from the Maitengwe border post. The Mabhongane dam makes an important and significant contribution to the development of the local area and benefits derived from the dam have been considerable

Source - Titshabona Ncube