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King Mambo marries second wife

by ZBC
12 Oct 2020 at 15:03hrs | Views
RECENTLY installed Lozwi King, Mike Mambo Moyo married a second wife at a lavish ceremony held at the royal homestead in Mawabeni of Umzingwane district this Sunday.

People came from all corners of the country to witness one of the biggest and most lavish events of the year.

The venue was Mawabeni in Matabeleland South Province where the recently installed Lozwi King, Mike Mambo Moyo married a second wife; Indlovukazi Priscilla Ndlovu in true royal style.

Dressed in animal skin, shield in hand, the King welcomed his Lemba bride also clad in traditional garb to the royal homestead as traditional groups sang and danced for the couple.

The incoming queen then proceeded to honour her mother in law in accordance with the Lozwi culture, setting the stage for the wedding celebrations, also attended by chiefs and political leaders.

King Mambo also took time to explain the royal culture which allows Kings to marry more than one wife.

"As the Lozwi, in particular when you are a king you are free to marry as many wives as you wish. It is possible for me to invite you again next year for yet another exchange of nuptials. That is part of our African culture, "he said.

Chief Bekezela Bhekimpi Nyathi welcomed the King's wife to the royal household with some words of Wisdom for the uninitiated.

"We are very excited about what our King has done today. Marrying many wives is a part of our culture and we are happy that the King is going back to our roots."

As expected of a Kings' wedding, dignitaries were treated to a sumptuous meal while various performers kept the guests entertained.

But what would be a wedding  in 2020 without the Jerusalema challenge?

As has become the norm when it comes to the masterclass, King Mambo and his bride also refused to be outdone as they partook in the dance craze.

Source - ZBC