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Man finds wife having lunchtime sex romp with lover at a lodge

by Staff Reporter
13 Nov 2020 at 19:41hrs | Views
THESE days you seldom find a man who has been cheated on or finds his wife in bed with another man not to forget the basic rules of humanity by brutally assaulting or killing the pair as punishment for fooling around behind his back.

But perhaps the most remarkable story is of a betrayed man Peter Nyamidzi from Beitbridge who calmly reacted after he pounced on his wife Edith Muriva having sex with her lover Killian Banhire at a lodge in the border town.

It is reported that Nyamidzi who had been tipped off about his wife's rendezvous, arrived at the lodge (name supplied) and did not need to ask for directions to the "love nest" after loud screams of pleasure and squeaking springs of a bed coming from one of the rooms initially convinced him that it was where the two were having their lunchtime sex romp.

When he gently opened the door, he reportedly found the randy pair deeply engrossed in the throes of passion.

Showing no emotions, he then calmly asked them what they were doing.

He, however, became numb a while later.

Seeing that her husband was now emotionless, Muriva and her lover who were partially dressed, quickly bolted out of the room without facing any consequences.

They, however, attracted the attention of some residents from nearby houses who quickly gathered to catch a glimpse of what was happening.

The incident which is still talk of Mashakada suburb happened on Thursday last week.

After the fiasco, a panic stricken Muriva and apparently out of shame, didn't go home and her whereabouts are still unknown.

A source privy to the super story, and who requested anonymity told B-Metro that before being busted by her husband, Muriva had been seeing Banhire, a driver with a Harare-based bus company for a while.

Banhire is also popularly known as Bere in the border town because of his alleged ravenous appetite for women.

They were also reportedly conducting their "amorous congresses" at the lodge in question before an alert resident decided to keep a closer look on their movements and later tipped Nyamidzi.

"On this fateful day, the wife and her lover met at their usual location to have an afternoon sex session. Their clandestine love encounters had been going on for a while before they were discovered by a local resident who then tipped Nyamidzi who went to the lodge and busted them.

"The two supposedly chose the lodge in question because it is close to Muriva's sister's place where she would leave her house claiming she will be visiting her (sister)," the source said.

The seemingly inconsolable husband confirmed the incident to B-Metro.

"I was really shocked and I don't even know what to do. Just imagine I married this woman soon after she finished school and I also finished paying the lobola.

"We have three children together and for the past 15 years we had been married I wasn't aware such a thing was happening behind my back. I don't even know where she is now staying and her relatives are also in the dark about her whereabouts," said Nyamidzi.

Meanwhile, both Muriva and Banhire could not be reached for comment as their mobile numbers were not reachable.

Source - B-Metro