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Poet 'Obert Dube' coughes blood after beaten by police

by Bhebhe Mandla
22 Jan 2021 at 07:44hrs | Views
The famous poet Obert Dube has described how he was beaten by the police for breaking curfew rules until he started 'coughing blood'.

In a Facebook post, the outspoken poet said the police threatened to kill him.

According to Dube who is now coughing blood after the brutal encounter, one police offer said: "We were trained to kill, we can kill you even now that's not a problem."

Read the full Facebook post below:

Hello guys, thank you so much for your concern and I can't respond to individuals but let me update everyone public here.

It was around 10:15 when I was going to see my brother who isn't feeling well and he was getting worse.I was very very wrong according to current curfew law that is 6AM - 6PM. Police officers(4 on uniform 1 wasn't on uniform) didn't ask me why I was not at home but had to slap me.I didn't resist arrest at all.I ran away to the nearest home whose owner is someone I know for rescue. Police officers entered the yard and asked the home owner if he knows me. He did confirm that he knows me. So many people had came out of their homes, they put me hand cafs , took me out of the yard and started kicking me, beating me using button sticks others slapping me..When people followed they took me to Mkosana Base.When we were travelling another police officer said "Urikuridza mhere kuti vanhu vaku one, tinogona kuku uraya hapana zva uno ti ita(you were making noise seeking public attention) becase isusu (we)we were trained to kill, we can kill you even now that's not a problem.when we were close to Mkali complex they said in Ndebele " laphana besikukhuza kathesi sesikutshaya ngoba uyazimangalisa"(Previously we were warning you now we are beating you because you think you're better).They started to beat me again and later stopped when they saw a car coming.My cellphone was partly damaged, my left hand side got injured.

I was given the letter so that i can go to hospital,the latter only states that i was assaulted but doesn't state who assaulted me. Today I paid the fine RTGs 500 the receipt is below, I went to the hospital and they said I should go to for X ray because I cough blood sometimes. The chest is painful, my left hand and my left thigh looks dislocated and I feel the pain .

I was told to write a report,when I am asking names of those police officers, No one wants to tell me.

The Mkosana base is where I reported cyber bulling twice and death threat but I have never been given an update until today.

Source - Byo24News