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Mysterious 'satanic' bag causing accidents

by Staff Reporter
05 May 2013 at 22:20hrs | Views
DETE villagers are living in fear for their lives following a mysterious bag which has reportedly caused a number of accidents in the village.

It is reported that Nyuyombo villagers discovered a bag in the middle of the road in their area and since the fateful day, the place has become a blackspot

Sources from the village said, "A month ago, a big travellers bag was found in the middle of the road and it was kept at a villager's homestead for days, but no one came for it until it disappeared.

"Strangely, after its disappearance, there have been a number of accidents at the scene where the bag was found.

"The accidents have been linked to the bag because all the drivers involved in the accidents claim that they would have seen a bag in the middle of the road and in the process they lose control of the vehicle while trying to avoid the ballooned bag which would have turned into a 'mountain?'

They revealed that they suspect that the bag was left by a Satanist who wanted to feast on the blood of the injured and dead from the accidents.

"We realised that there was more to the accidents than what met the eye and therefore the villagers fearing for their lives confronted the village leaders over the issue.

"A meeting was held where traditional healers from the area confirmed the people's suspicions that there was an evil spirit haunting the place.

"A cleansing ceremony will be held at a date yet to be announced," said the source.

The village head confirmed the incident, but refused to divulge more details saying they want to find the root of the problem first.

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