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Zanu-PF minister vow to fix journalist

14 Jan 2014 at 10:44hrs | Views
Gwanda based journalist Albert Ncube (Mazhale) on Monday got unspecified treats from Matabeleland South Provincial Affairs minister Abedinico Ncube over 'hostile stories on him'.

Albert Ncube has written a string of articles on Ncube since his political revival sparked by being dragged from obscurity by President Robert Mugabe.

Ncube was appointed Provincial Affairs minister soon after the July 31 elections.

Albert Ncube said told ZimbabweFocus that he bumped in Ncube on Monday evening and wasted no time in making his feelings known to the reporter.

"He was inside his car when he spotted me. He stopped and pointed fingers at me saying I will fix your... you are tarnishing my image with your stories" said Albert Ncube.

Minister Ncube is well known in Gwanda community for being a bully and carries through his treats.
Recently, Albert Ncube  wrote that the cash-strapped Gwanda town council finally offered a two-bedroomed house in the high-density township of Senondo to Ncube for just $5 000.

Council management had valued the house at $12 759,23, Ncube will now  pay $5 000 after $8 160 - the rentals he paid during his 17-year stay at the house - was deducted.

Similar houses in the township are being sold for $15 000.

Ncube had been renting the house for the past 17 years, but was later ordered out following a legal battle with the municipality.

Another story that irked the minister was when he fell and broke his leg during Zanu PF victory celebrations in Beitbridge.

He was hospitalised at Gwanda Hospital and later transferred to Bulawayo's Mater Dei Hospital.
So grave was the fall to the extent that Ncube unable to walk and wheelchair-bound.

Senior nurses from Gwanda Hospital kept a 24 hour  a day intense watch on him at his Jacaranda residence.

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Source - ZimbabweFocus