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Man bashes wife for being on her menstrual period

by Staff reporter
19 Jan 2014 at 18:19hrs | Views
An Inyathi man did the unthinkable when he thoroughly bashed his wife for being on her menstrual period at a time when he was feeling so 'ginger' for sex.

The sex-starved man, Tony Ndlovu (42) reportedly beat up his wife Samkeliso Moyo (20) over nature's call. It is reported that on 17 January, Ndlovu invited his wife to join him in bed at around 2pm. When they were relaxing in the bed, Ndlovu started readying himself for sex, by cuddling his young wife.

The 'hungry' man was disappointed when Moyo ordered him to stop arguing that she was not feeling well, supposedly due to period pain. A misunderstanding erupted between the two as Ndlovu was unhappy with being denied his conjugal rights. Moyo then explained that there was no way they could play bedroom gymnastics as she was having a heavy flow.

Her explanation did not go down well with her husband who started accusing her of deliberately being on periods at a time when he was craving for sex.

Ndlovu assaulted the woman with fists all over the body and Moyo realising that her life was in danger, ran away for dear life.

She proceeded to Inyathi Police Station and reported the matter to police leading to her husband's arrest. The man 42-year-old man was later hauled before Inyathi magistrate Mr Ndumo Masuku facing domestic violence charges. He pleaded guilty to the charges, but was saved by his wife who decided to withdraw the charges and told the court to give him a last warning.

The magistrate wholly suspended three months of the jail sentence he had slapped the man with on condition that he would not commit a similar offence within the next five years.

Themba Lemekani appeared for the State.

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