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Hundreds of kgs of Macimbi exported from Gwanda to Harare

by Ndou Paul
23 Jan 2014 at 22:17hrs | Views

Hundreds of kgs of Gwanda's proud produce of Amacimbi are find their way out everyday destined to Bulawayo and Harare biscuit making factories.

In a wide ranging interview with a family from Harare caught up in Gwanda with over 100 bags of macimbi, the entrepreneurs indicated that the deli is being sold in Harare to biscuit making firms that crush the dried deli and mix it with flour to make loose biscuits. The head of the group identified as Munyaradzo Mashoko states that they collect about 200 bags of the deli to Harare twice a week.

The Harare entrepreneurs buy a 20 litre bucket of macimbi at about $25 to $30 per tin and they sale in Harare for close to $100 per bucket. Mashoko indicates that on a good outing they can collect up to 100 bags per day buying in cash or kind from the local vendors. About 75% of the collection is delivered in the factories while the balance is packed and sold for $2 per pack out of which close to 100 pcks are extracted from the bag.

Asked to comment on the profits realised, Shoko indicated that the business is very good and extremely viable.

The country crossing of Gwanda's resources to Harare comes in the midst of huge complaints of lack of industries in the town yet there is plenty raw material produced in the town. A resident of Gwanda Mqondisi Moyo who was in attendance also concurred with the observation.

"Its a shame that all these people have to spend nights in the bushes looking for Macimbi to buy and send to Harare to make biscuits as if a biscuit factory can not be opened in Gwanda."

"So we send our produce to Harare to be repackaged and brought to Gwanda at 10 times the cost?" Said Moyo

It is yet to be seen what the province under the devolution of power close will do to regulate the harvesting and distribution of the deli country wide.

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Source - Byo24News