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Woman beats up hubby in front of their children

by Sukulwenkosi Dube
05 Sep 2014 at 06:33hrs | Views
A PLUMTREE High School teacher has been granted a protection order against his abusive wife who beats him up in front of their children.

Tichaona Sibanda, 42, told the court that Nokuthula Sibanda, 37, who works at Plumtree Pharmacy, was so violent and disrespectful he felt only the court could save him.

He begged the court to restrain his wife as he feared that she would hurt him.

"This woman is very violent Your Worship and I am afraid that she will end up hurting me very badly. She has been attacking me both physically and verbally in front of our two children aged three and 12.

"My children are still young and I do not want them to grow up in an environment where they witness their father being attacked by their mother on a daily basis," said Sibanda.

He said Nokuthula recently destroyed some of his clothes and valuable documents.

"She has destroyed my clothing and documents and she has even hidden some of my important certificates," said Sibanda.

He said his wife recently came home in the middle of the night and broke down the bedroom door, where he was sleeping with the children saying she wanted to take them away with her.

"I told her that I would give her the children on the following morning since they were asleep but she insisted otherwise. She went on to break down my bedroom door just to get into the house. With these few examples I hope you can understand why I fear for my life," he said.

Sibanda said his wife's behaviour was also disturbing him at work.

"I have been putting up with all this torture for a long time but I cannot take it anymore as it has started affecting my work. She is also destroying my good name in society," he said.

Nokuthula denied that she was abusive claiming she always quarrelled with her husband because he was a womaniser.

Plumtree magistrate Gideon Ruvetsa chided Nokuthula for being violent in front of her children.

"It appears that you have a lot of energy and you are exerting all of it in being violent to your husband. We do have cases of women who abuse their husbands but they're very rare. Your behaviour is unacceptable.

"What you are doing is an embarrassment. As a mother you should not be exposing your children to violence but you should be protecting them against it," he said.

Ruvetsa warned Nokuthula against threatening her husband and ordered her to move out of their house at Plumtree High School and relocate to a family house in Sivako suburb. She was granted temporary custody of their two children.

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