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Girl screams rape after being caught in bush sex

by Staff Reporter
21 Jul 2015 at 15:25hrs | Views

A 17 year old Jambezi girl in Matabeleland North claims to have been raped by three men after she was caught in the act with her boyfriend in the bush.

The trio,  Tizai Tshuma (28),  Albert  Ndlovu (24) and  Artwell  Munkuli aged 25 were accused of raping the girl way back on Christmas Day last year.

According to B-Metro, the trio stumbled up the girl engaging in sex in the bush and the trio allegedly demanded to have their turn on her.

She refused, the court heard.

However, according to B-Metro,  the trio allegedly raped her and fled before threatening to assault her lover if she told spilled the beans.

In court, the trio denied ever touching her and later on raping the girl.

"The complainant is lying that we raped her. We didn't touch her at all but when we caught them her boyfriend fled and we proceeded on our journey only to be surprised when police officers came to arrest us. She lied and framed us because she had been caught and she went home late so she feared that her parents would chase her away,' the trio said in court. They were then acquitted due lack of evidence.

Source - B-Metro