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Python hold police officers 'hostage' for 10 days

by Staff Reporter
04 Mar 2016 at 07:17hrs | Views
A 2.5 metre long python held police officers at Madlamuzi station 'hostage' for ten straight days as it camped at the charge office.

The python was first spotted heading towards the camp's quarters bur suddenly changed direction and went to the charge office.

It camped in the ceiling for ten days.

It was eventually killed by workers for a Bulawayo based pest control company.

However, when it was killed the real drama unfolded.

Its owner- Urgent Ncube aged 39 stormed the station and threatened officers with death.

His was bitter over the killing of the snake saying he had sent it 'on a special mission'.

He said he was going to send a big baboon to deal with the officers.

Officers had to write a memo to their bosses begging for the snake to be killed as they feared for their lives.

"This memo serves to inform and put on record that on the 19th February 2016 at 1round 2000 hrs at ZRP Madlambudzi Camp a police officer who was coming from the marriage quarters saw a very big snake which is approximately 2.5 metres long.

"The snake was heading to the camp's quarters. It became violent after being attacked by one of the police officers.

"The snake tried to enter the charge office but was disturbed by some details who were at the entrance. It crawled along the wall until it gained entry through the back window and climbed on top of the gun cabinet thus making it difficult for officers to gain access to the firearms.

"The snake stool firm and stood its ground and continued threatening to attack the officers before it slithered through to the ceiling where it hides.

"The venoms snake has basically taken over the charge office duty."

Source - B-Metro