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Women busted with bucket full of urine

by Lungile Tshuma
13 Mar 2016 at 07:38hrs | Views
IN a suspected case of juju, a woman from Gokwe was last week busted with a bucket full of urine which she confessed she was using to register bumper harvests at the expense of other villagers.

Mrs Saliwe Dube, a widow, pulled a shocker when she reportedly confessed before Chief Nemangwe's traditional court saying the bucketful ofurine which had been buried at the middle of her maize field for 10 years was part of her family's fortunes.

She, however, begged the chief not to destroy or confisticate the bucket with its contents saying doing so was tantamount to ruining her life.

Confirming the incident to Sunday News Chief Nemangwe said he summoned the woman after the village head had approached him. This follows complainants from othe villagers who were accusing Mrs Dube of using juju on them so that they continually record poor yields from their maize and cotton fields despite receiving good rains.

"The village head approached me after a woman was found in possession of a bucket full of urine which she has been keeping in her field for 10 years. Mrs Dube has since appeared before me and confessed to keeping the bucket which she said was the source of her wealth and good harvest. She confessed that she was given the bucket by her family from Binga, after she lost her husband, who said it was going to be useful in keeping the family since she was now a widow," said Chief Nemangwe.

The chief said the matter came to light after some villagers approached the village head after they suspected that Mrs Dube was using juju to record bumper harvests.

"She cried uncontrollably begging me not to destroy her bucket because it was her source of living. Surprisingly, despite the fact the bucket has been underground for 10 years it was still looking new and had a $15 prize tag stuck on it, said Chief Nemangwe.

He said a traditional healer who he only identified as Masakadza told the community that the bucket and its contents was juju which Mrs Dube was using to record good harvests. The traditional leader, however, later burnt the bucket.

Contacted for comment Mrs Dube said she was not at liberty to discuss the matter which was solved by the chief.

"I have since apologised to the traditional leaders and the community for what I did and the matter was amicably resolved at Chief Nemangwe's traditional court and there is no need to still talk about it," she said.

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