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Mthwakazi party hails Lupane villagers for contributing bail money

by Stephen Jakes
14 Jul 2016 at 07:16hrs | Views
Mthwakazi Republic Party has hailed villagers for contributing money towards the bail of four villagers who were arrested over a protest for the removal of a shona headmistrees at Mlamuli Secondary school.

In a statement party's spokesperson Mbonisi Gumbo said MRP would like to take this opportunity to thank all Mthwakazi people who made contributions towards bail money of four Mlamuli heroes who were arrested for exercising their rights.

"We are pleased as a party to announce our sincere appreciation and gratitude on behalf of all mthwakazi people who believe in this noble cause of championing our fight for Mthwakazi Restoration, as a party we dont take these contributions lightly indeed it shows how serious are some of our people in ensuring that we are together in this noble cause," he said.

"We take this opportunity to thank our mthwakazi gallant sons based in Canada for contributing R4500 and we further extend our thanks to our mthwakazi people based in SA for raising R4950. In total we raised R9550 for this worth and noble cause. Indeed our local people weighed in with $38. We are very much touched as a party to have people who are sacrifising their hard earned cash under these economic hardships to ensure that our struggle goes on."

He said their encouragement to all mthwakazians people that they are the funders of our struggle, no donor will come to their rescue.

"We are our own donors. We have since re-imbursed the bail money paid on behalf of our four heroes to the person who had borrowed them money on our instruction, we also bought groceries for our heroes as a way of thanking them and letting them aware that because they were not arrested for personal reasons they should be happy that they were doing National Service, during their nine days of incarceration in prison," he said.

"As a party on behalf of mthwakazi people we made sure our heroes were provided for with food during their incarceration, our special thanks goes to the Mlamuli community for standing with their loved ones, we are aware the battle is not yet won as they will be appearing in court on the 19th of July 2016."

"We urge all our mthwakazi people to continue supporting these heroes spiritual, moral, financial and materially, we say an injury to one of us is an injury to all of us. Our freedom is beckoning. We know the oppressor will intimidate us, arrest us, kill us and persecute us but we say all these dirty tactics by the oppressor will not deter us, instead we feel highly motivated than before to take our struggle to the next level," he added.

He said they know that the oppressor is borrowing all these satanic and barbaric tac tics from their erstwhile white colonizers who assisted them to be in power.

"We say you can arrest and kill people but you cannot arrest revolution, worldover all the oppressors tried it but in the long run it failed. Our finally and special thanks goes to the lawyers who are representing these gallant sons, we say thank you to the lawyers our heavenly father will reward you for the job well done. To us its allutta continua," he said.

"Meanwhile the Zimbabwe government has responded to the calls by Lupane people and the rest of uMthwakazi people for the removal of the CIO agent Ms Bonyongwe by removing all Ndebele teachers at Mlamuli Secondary School who the community did not complain about. We are reliably informed that the fate of the five teachers have been sealed these are; Mr Ncube, Ms Mguni, Masuku MaNdlovu and MaMlilo because they already been replaced while they are still there."

He said an official at Lupane District Education office told them that the five are being removed from school because Bonyongwe paid a school pupil and her parents to write a letter implicating them as the trouble makers at the school.

"Forgetting that we are not fools we know that it is the works of the CIO. The said pupil's letter was used by the out going Gwanoya and Dokora as evidence against the community, SDC committee and all Ndebele teachers at the school and the Ministry acted fast in removing teachers," he said. "Yet the community and the SDC committee' s request was not regarded so who is fooling who? What is so special about the letter that was written by that small girl if indeed it was not Bonyongwe's CIO gimmicks when did school children became state security employees? Hands off our people stop victimising our people. Bonyongwe go peacefully and leave our community in peace. Why are you bent on disturbing peace in Lupane?"

Gumbo said they thank God The chief Grand plan implementer in Lupane Mr Simplicio Gwanoya has thrown in the towel and is going.

"Victory for Lupane community. Bonyongwe will be going back to Harare sanity will prevail soon. United we stand divided we fall all Mthwakazi community is behind you Lupane community. The government must immidietely with draw their Satanic so called transfer letters against the local teachers because we will be watching who is going to come in?" he said.

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