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WATCH: Congregants joyful as they receive miracle money, airtime at church

by Mncedisi Nyathi
09 Dec 2016 at 07:56hrs | Views
Prophet Bruce Edwards
Prophet Bruce Edwards of Kingdom Empowerment Centre (KEC) church in Cowdray Park left the congregants of his ministry awestruck as many received miracle money and miracle airtime on their cellphones. The recipients of the miracles could be seen waiving their phones up in the air in jubilation mixed with shock. One woman had $0.45 airtime in her phone but after some divine declarations, she checked her balance; WHOOSH! She now had $1.45. One woman had zero point zero-zero airtime balance but received $1.00 as more testimonies poured in.

"Miracles are real," prophet Bruce Edwards would shout and the flock would respond with a resounding, "Amen!"

A visibly shaken woman who received $120 in her phone could not really explain what she had just experienced. "It's like a joke," she said. caught up with the prophet and quizzed him about these acts that other Christians believe to be condemned, he said, "Whether you believe or not, that will not stop me from doing what I think is God's will. As long as what I do is in line with scripture, I am not moved. Those who do not believe in what we do as prophets are free to join other churches. The reason why there are so many denominations is that we differ in doctrinal matters. Even Paul and Peter had a misunderstanding, Jesus and Judas had a fall out to mention a few. Conflict does not start with this generation and it will not end with us.

"All the things that happen in my church, I feel led by God to do them. Those who criticize are right in a sense; it is hard to understand a miracle because a miracle does not give logic, it's senseless. It's only those that understand the supernatural that are able to comprehend it. God has no limit. Anything that you can explain is questionable to be God. His thoughts are higher than our thoughts."

When asked whether he is not afraid to be taken to court by network providers, he said, "I don't claim any hand in miracle money and airtime. I only speak a word into the atmosphere and things begin to happen. I myself do not understand it, I only believe. If Econet or Telecel or Netone want to trace, it's ok. There is no fraud in this. I have nothing to hide."

Check out some of the video clips of miracle money performed by Prophet Bruce Edwards below:

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