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Resurrection Prophet tours Southern Africa

by Makhosi Moyo
22 Dec 2016 at 18:12hrs | Views
Controversial flamboyant miracle worker and Prophet, Isaiah Brian Sovi will this week have a three country tour. Touring Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa.

The Zambian born man of the cloth has taken the world by storm through his shockingly accurate prophecies and miracles. Last week he was credited for resurrecting a dead boy in Limpopo, South Africa. A series of his Prophecies have left many in awe, chief amongst them, how he accurately prophesied the Donald Trump victory 15 months before the US elections.

3 days ago, he prophesied a plane crush in Malaysia, accurately stating that it will be all over the news and will happen either Wednesday or Thursday. To everyone's shock on Wednesday a fatal plane crush claimed a number of lives in Malaysia and it was caught on the media on Thursday morning.

He is currently in Harare holding one on one sessions at Rainbow Towers in preparation for his Power for Power night prayer on Friday where he is expected to perform miracles, healings and prophesy.

He is then set to be in his home country Zambia on the 26th and 27th at Cool Breeze lodge. His final destination will be Rivonia South Africa where he claims will be the "the mother of all services in the history of mankind."

Sovi believed to be only 20 years old has been in the miracle ‘business' ever since he was 6 years old. Contacted for comment his spokesperson Mr Shephard Dube said "You can say or think whatever you want about the man of God, but you can't change the fact that he is a mighty servant of the most High God."

Asked about Sovi's flamboyant lifestyle and association with shady business characters like Genius Kadungure, whom he recently posted pictures with, Dube had this to say "Freedom of association is a basic human right across Africa, the Prophet can associate with whoever he wants to associate with. Jesus dined with tax collectors, and on the cross, he even promised the thief that was next to him entry in heaven. Who are you to say people are shady ? The Prophet judges no one, so should you. Who he associates with is between him and God. And as for his lifestyle he can live anyhow he wants for as long as God approves."

He went on to say "Go to the Church, they will tell you that he does not use church money, he runs an upcoming and smoothly growing finance business. Over and above praying for people, performing miracles and prophesying he teaches people how to run businesses, how to trade in forex and how to be successful in general."

Sovi is a spiritual son to Zimbabwean-British businessman Prophet Uebert Angel. Angel has in the past called Sovi his last born.

Source - Makhosi Moyo