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Apostle Try Immanuel calls for soil cleaning from congregants

by Panashe Makufa
12 Apr 2017 at 11:16hrs | Views
Founder of Greaterlife Embassy Apostle Try Immanuel has called for people to bring soil samples from their work places, rural areas and homes for spiritual healing on their Easter Conference to be held from the 15th to the 17th of April in Harare Gardens journalists has learnt.

The news has been all over the social media about this event and critics had already risen specifically concerning the soil token but the Man of God took time to explain further on the topic during an interview on Lifewalk TV. He said there is always a need for an action so that they will be healing of the ground where one resides, works or comes from as it already carries spiritual curses "The ground that you want to till has got curses and for you to enjoy the fruits of your sweat the curse needs to be reversed…….. the ground represent your company, your work place, your residents because the garden that was cursed on Genesis 3 was given to Adam so that he would till, manage and run it "

He also said "If it takes an action for someone to receive salvation, there should be an action for our businesses, marriages and work to be also healed".

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 While elaborating on the importance of commemorating Easter in the Christian Community he also emphasized on the fact that people has to start manifest the resurrected type of a lifestyle and it can only happen when one understands what happened on the cross, why it happened and what we are supposed to benefit.

The event has been has driven many including the Zimbabwean fast growing comedian well-known as Mai T T who did a video and posted it on her page on social media.

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The conference is being hosted in Harare Gardens from Friday the 14th to Sunday the 16th of April.

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Source - Panashe Makufa