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Prophet distances church from 'Blood of Jesus'

by Staff Reporter
20 Aug 2017 at 07:57hrs | Views
ENLIGHTENED Christian Gathering church, founded by Malawian Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, warmly known as Major 1 has distanced itself from a recently "launched anointed product" called Blood of Jesus.

ECG, which sells a variety of anointed products such as bracelets, anointed water and oil (Lion of Judah) among many other products, according to its Zimbabwean resident pastor Patrick Boanerge said the church had not launched such a product.

"This is the works of bogus churches and pastors trying to rob innocent people. We are a faith oriented ministry that believes and fears in God. The only products we have are the likes of Lion of Judah and anointed water, among an assortment of anointed products.

"As a church we distance ourselves from this and would like to advise the public and Christians not to be duped into believing such. These are works of the devil that are trying to destabilise and destroy our church that was founded in pure faith and Christianity," said pastor Boanerge.

He added that they commended President Robert Mugabe for warning people about some churches and so called man of God that were out to enrich themselves at the expense of faith oriented people.

"We commend the President for warning people of such criminal activity. There are a number of churches in the world. There are conventional and none conventional churches. Many people have taken advantage of none conventional churches such as Pentecostal churches; they believe that by using the word of God they can steal from people. This can only go on for a short while but we warn people against being initiated and duped into believing in some things by such people.

"As a church we really want to distance ourselves from this Blood of Jesus product and urge people not to buy such products from people on the streets and instead come to our church to get proper information," said pastor Boanerge.

Speaking at the sixth Zanu-PF Presidential Youth Interface Rally at Pelandaba Stadium in Gwanda, President Mugabe urged people to remain worshipping in traditional churches that brought about development in the country. Urging Zimbabweans to pray for the country, President Mugabe said he did not understand why people including some Government ministers were flocking to new churches, abandoning the traditional churches that brought Christianity into the country.

"You should pray, we all should pray but be wary. Don't go to thieves who when they get a Bible verse, they go on and on with it. Yes, it will be sweet.

They are swift takers, they don't tire and you gather, be it at Harare grounds or wherever and at the end they will be targeting your pockets. What is in your pockets, they ask. Sometimes you are told that if you give them money your lives will change forever. They'd want to show you. You will be asked to seed $1 and told that you will reap $30. Give me that money and I pray for it and it will be multiplied forever," he said.

A recent article published in an online South African publication suggested that Bushiri had launched the Blood of Jesus product.

The article stated the Blood of Jesus was sold in 500ml and 750ml plastic bottles at $2 000 and $3 250 respectively. The article went to suggest that one congregant claimed that the blood heals every calamity and problems.

"We have been using anointing oil which is called "The Lion of Judah" before and we have been using anointed mantles, bracelets and DVDs but this time the power is released. Major 1 introduced "The Blood of Jesus" which is real blood of Jesus which was extracted at Calvary when the Son of God was crucified. As sons and daughters of Major 1 we don't really care what people will say, we understand this revelation as a ministry (ECG family), people are on the move to drag our fathers name into disrepute but God elevated him to address our problems.

"The blood of Jesus is being sold at our worship center the smallest bottles 500ml are costs R20 000 and the 750ml bottle costs R30 000. We don't care about the price but the results, as we are speaking the Blood of Jesus has resurrected reported five people and healed hundreds since launch," read part of the story, which has since being dismissed by the church in Zimbabwe.

Source - Sunday News